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Marketing & Sales- The Definitive Difference Between Both


Many people think selling and marketing are the same but they aren't!! You don't want to be selling when you should be marketing!


The B.E S. phases of ALL marketing campaigns- jump a step, and watch your sales die!


Each phase must be well attended to if a "Yes!" is what you want from a potential customer at the end of the day.


You'll know what you should be doing in each marketing phase in the Workshop that you will now lay your hands on.


To ignore the B-E-S Marketing Phases is to set your marketing dollars on fire!!

The Great Mistake Novice Solution Creators Make : Its very very easy to make this mistake.



What's a Ready Audience?

When we say an audience is ready, what exactly do we mean by "Ready"



The 5 Stages of Customer Awareness 

if you don't know this and tailor your marketing message to fit your potential customer's awareness level,, it will be like speaking to a tree- your audience won't respond!



The 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems Revealed- Miss one out, lose money!

Niche/Market Research, Ideal Customer Profiling, Effective Communication and what other 4 Pillars must you have in place?



I explained the most essential details about them....so you understand their real world relevance!


It doesn't matter whether your sales system are manual or automated, whether it is offline or online, whether it is social media based, WhatsApp based or web based, all effective sales systems must have these 7 Pillars.



It doesn't matter what you sell- digital products, physical products, long life and prosperity, these Pillars are all the same everywhere- it's the details of their specific application that may differ.



It doesn't matter whether you are in E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Coaching, Service provision- so long as it is sales, these 7 Pillars are there!



The 4 Most Critical Pillars- upon which others rest!

All the pillars do not carry the same weight, the absence of some pillars will do more damage to your sales and marketing efforts than others- you need to know which 4 pillars are the most important to have in place....



In 5 Video Modules totalling 5 hours in all, you'll know all the above and a lot more that I can't show here (for lack of space and time).

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