ATTENTION: Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

DO NOT Attempt Paid Adverts Until You've Understood This!!!

except you wish to waste 5 years chasing success online, then quit your business and go back to "9-5"!!

From The Desk of Broda Dapo

Dear friend,

This is what many people's online sales systems

look like👇👇 

Many of these people are hardworking men and women who slave their lives away everyday to provide for their families, but their efforts to make good sales online is no different than pouring water into a leaking basin - wasted time, wasted energy, wasted money!!! 

Here's the uncomfortable truth though:

Effort is NOT a substitute for knowledge😢!!

It's either you know what you are doing online or you don't!


Consumers don't care if you haven't eaten since yesterday night! It's either you ✅give them what they want ✅ in the way they want it to be given, or they'll quickly go elsewhere. We do it to sellers all the time - even you and I!

Do you ever ask the roadside vendor if she has eaten or fed her kids in the past week?

Bottom-line: Business is a battleground and those who don't prepare well in the field will bleed to death in the battle to attract human attention, pick their interest, spark their desire and ultimately have them open their purse!

4 Disturbing Problems Many Business Owners Online Have

1. Thinking Facebook Ads Is The Solution To Low Sales

📌 1. Very often, I see many people on different Facebook groups keep saying they want to learn how to run ads or asking for people who could run paid ads for them.

These hardworking people have the misguided idea that Ads is the missing ingredient in their recipe for massive sales online.

Some of them even come to my inbox, and then I drop the bombshell revelation on them that ads alone are not enough to make sales, they are always left shocked or disappointed....like...

What many (small) business owners don't know is that ads is (an example of Traffic Generation) is just one out of the 7 important sales producing elements online!

You still need to have a "Funnel", an Ideal Customer Profile/Avatar" and 4 other important ingredients in place for your sales process to work at all or work well ONLINE- same way a weapon that will fire must have all parts complete, to fire properly!

2. Zero Idea About The "Customer Journey"

📌 2. Too many business owners who want desire massive sales online do not understand that there are some MENTAL STEPS that they must take a potential buyer through before they make a final decision in your favour. We call this the "customer's journey"!

This "Customer Journey" concept is usually strange and hard to initially accept by newbie online sellers. That's because many of us grew up watching offline sales - where all that most vendors do is scream "come and buy" and they get results. "It can't be that serious!" is what we often tell ourselves.

Personally, I would very much like a situation where I just post pictures my products and I get tons of strangers chasing after me to buy.  I wish it were that simple really! In the online space however, things aren't that straightforward, when it comes to earning the trust needed for sales to happen - you can't jump the steps!

This mental journey could take an hour, a day, a few days or a few weeks, or even months depending on the price of what you are selling - the higher the price of your product, the higher the level of "perceived financial risk" involved and the longer it will take for the buyer to decide if you are worth the risk.

Here's what the customer's journey looks like in quick summary:

When your marketing efforts or processes skip these psychological steps, you end up creating a sales process that doesn't match what's going on in your audience's head.

If your communication can't connect with a person where they are, mentally, you can't arouse their interest to buy anything from you. You would have simply burnt your precious marketing budget - like this 👇👇:

There are 3 Phases (B-E-S) that your online sales system must take a potential customer through before they are READY to BUY from you

I go into details about these 3 phases in a training i'm going to reveal to you soon.

What many of us "untrained" sellers do is jump straight to the  S - "SELL" phase, thinking that since (we believe) our products is the best thing since Pizza was invented, people will automatically share that same "buying belief" immediately- fortunately, our bank accounts don't know how to tell lies!

3. No Structured Understanding Of Online Selling Systems

 3. No thanks to the deregulated nature of the knowledge business/economy, anyone can now wake up and decide to create an online course!! This freedom is both good and bad news!!!

The bad news is that unlike in the university system, there is no quality control/ structured, comprehensive curriculum that lets online learners know how much they are required to know to make things work well. Everything is scattered and you can only hope to find a training that gives you all the relevant information you need.

Most online selling trainings typically only focus on one particular aspect and often champion it as the golden ticket to banger sales. This is often just partial truth!!

An online selling system/ process is more than just Content creation, copywriting, traffic or any of those things touted as the secrets to sales!

4. Extreme Addiction To Strategies, Tactics and Tools!

 4. The bulk of today's marketers are in a hurry to make profit online. They have no respect for due process and solid foundations - everything must be fast or it's not the real deal.

Strategies and tactics often sound sexy to the ears because they promise results, but without an understanding of the principles that power them, you become enslaved, limited and rigid - unable to adapt when the market behaviour changes.

This mental attitude is the quickest road to wasted years chasing the bag! Those who seek illegal shortcuts always arrive last!!

The devotion to understanding fundamental principles of sales and marketing before moving to strategies and tactics why older generation marketers from the 1900's to 1990's made sales volumes (with less tools) that makes the result of many modern marketers look like mere fart.

My Answer To These 4 Problems....

I was lucky to have an integrated marketing education for my business when I started out in January 2020, unlike many business owners.

I have a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts and advanced practices in online selling and it has given me an advantage over many other marketers in my industry.

As a way to help eliminate the sheer waste of time, money and energy that people go through while chasing online selling success, I decided that to help hardworking people stop doing "Assumption Marketing, "Hope Marketing" or "I'm Hungry, Buy From Me" Marketing, I had to create a foundational training that would help them fill their knowledge gaps, so they can move faster towards profits online! Here's the result of that effort👇👇👇

The 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems Workshop.

This is the one Fast Track Guide your competition wish you'd never lay your hands on!

Some of What You'll Discover in This 5 Video Module Workshop:

🚩 Marketing & Sales- The Definitive Difference Between Both

Many people think they are the same but they so aren't! You don't want to be selling when you should be marketing!

🚩 The B.E S. phases of ALL marketing campaigns [Expanded Details]- jump a step, and watch your sales die!

Each of these phase must be well attended to if a "Yes!" is what you want from a potential customer at the end of the day.

You'll know what you should be doing in each marketing phase in the Workshop that you will now lay your hands on.

To ignore the B-E-S Marketing Phases is to set your marketing dollars on fire!!

🚩 The Great Mistake Novice Solution Creators Make:

It's very very easy to make this mistake, trust me. One of my mentees made this mistake with $2,880 (1.3m Naira)!!

🚩 What's a Ready Audience?

When we say an audience is ready, what exactly do we mean by "Ready"

🚩 The 5 Stages of Customer Awareness- if you don't know this and tailor your message to fit each level of awareness, it will be like speaking Mandarin to an Indian - your audience won't respond , because they can't relate with your message!

For a potential customer to finally buy from you, all 5 stages must have been completed in that customer's mind.

Your sales system has the responsibility to take the customer from the awareness level that they are and bring them to the highest level where they are ready to buy!

🚩 The 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems- Miss one out, lose money!

Niche/Market Research, Ideal Customer Profiling, Effective Communication and what other 4 Pillars must you have in place? I explain the most essential details about them....so you understand their real world relevance!

It doesn't matter whether your sales system are manual or automated, whether it is offline or online, whether it is social media based, WhatsApp based or web based, all effective sales systems must have these 7 Pillars if you want to sell like crazy!!

It doesn't matter what you sell- digital products, physical products, long life and prosperity, these Pillars are all the same everywhere- it's the details of their specific application that may differ.

It doesn't matter whether you are in E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Coaching, Service provision- so long as it is sales, these 7 Pillars are there!

🚩 The 4 Most Critical Pillars- upon which others rest!

All the pillars do not carry the same weight, the absence of some pillars will do more damage to your sales and marketing efforts than others- you need to know which 4 pillars are the most important to have in place....

🚩 How To Construct An Irresistible Offer Around Your Product Or Service, So That People Find It Hard To Say No To You!

Most people out there are selling commodities, but not you. You'll stop doing that once you understand the genius invention called Irresistible offers, and you'll start using them, to create more sales for yourself

🚩 Personalised Q & A Support- customized suggestions for unique problems:

Here I give customized suggestions on what further learning you need to pursue specifically for your type of business or offerings.

I do this via a support group.

In 5 Video Modules totaling 5 hours in all, you'll know all the above and a lot more that I can't show here (for lack of space and time).

VALUE: $197.00



Here's are some cool video clips from the workshop too


The "7 Pillars.." Workshop Is Perfect For:


 You are completely new to the world of online selling, and you want to avoid the painful wilderness journey of wasting money, time and energy buying courses upon courses trying to piece everything together, before you finally realize you have bought many things you don't need.


You know somethings about online selling or marketing, but you know you don't have a solid grasp, and you understand that it's unwise to keep figuring things out on your own.


You are already good at a specific area of online marketing (e.g. social media management, content creation) but feel like there are some missing pieces in your understanding of all the areas that makes online selling or marketing work...


You are an online marketing geek or need like myself, and you just love to see things from other people's unique perspectives.

If you belong to any of these 4 categories, I congratulate you for taking the pains to read this far, let's go on to more juicy stuff, shall we?

4 Powerful Benefits You Gain By Learning and Understanding These 7 Pillars and the B-E-S Marketing Phases:



The 7 Pillars workshop helps you immediately know what sales element is missing from your online sales process. 

You will know exactly where your existing sales buckets/systems/ processes are leaking so you can figure out what you need to build or install into your marketing efforts to plug the holes and generate more money.

This instant certainty helps you quickly cut down your struggles, by saving you much wasted time, much wasted money and much wasted effort you would have spent doing "trial and error" marketing,

Once you know what the exact sickness affecting your sales efforts, you can then quickly move to seek a cure to the problem.



The 7 Pillars Workshop prevents you from wasting money by stopping your tendency to buy every marketing course that promises to help you make money.

By assembling all the 7 Pillars for you, you become more intelligent and knowledgeable on what you need to spend your money and what you don't need to know.



Shiny object syndrome is a real disease that takes not only discipline but also knowledge to defeat!

Shiny object syndrome is often a result of curiosity, curiosity is sometimes caused by a lack of certainty and faith in what you are already doing, so you'd always want to see what others are doing.

This curiosity leads to fear of missing out and fear of missing out causes you to spend again!

Once you learn and understand the 7 Pillars of Sales, you will deeply understand that all selling strategies follow a general set of foundational structures and principles that will never change - even if strategies keep changing.

Thus no matter how "brand new" the strategy is, you'll only buy into it IF you are certain it will indeed get you more results, beyond what you already have.



Learning the 7 Pillars means that you spend less, you learn less, get less confused by all the hacks, tactics, and "brand new" strategies out there, and you implement MORE.

Once you are done learning the 7 Pillars, you can then quickly move into advanced trainings where you learn the HOW to build the pillars themselves - speed is the new money!

It's a such an indescribable mental heaven to finally "get it" and do more, in less time.


Here are some happy words from those who have participated in the Workshop (Scroll Image Left To See More):

Just Imagine 

...how simplified and structured your life will become when you can see the beginning and end of online selling/online marketing right in one single training.

If you ever received "Scheme of Work", "Syllabus" or a "course guide" during your high school or university days, you will better understand the feeling- you suddenly have this increased level of certainty about everything you are doing!

You know ✅where to start from, ✅you know where you'd finish, ✅you know how much work is involved to achieve that grade or result- no more surprises!😊

In addition to the 5 Video Module Workshop, You Also Get:


The "7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems" (Audio Edition)

I realized this would be a MEGA powerful addition because audio allows you the sweet luxury of learning while doing other things.

One of the reasons people procrastinate buying a training they need is because they are discouraged by all those they have bought and not watched (sad face).

Audio is a much less invasive way to learn and you get to easily play the material over and over again (and there is no headache of a CD getting scratched from overuse- MP3 baby!

VALUE: $97.00


The "7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems" Notes

Initially, I didn't realize how valuable this was until participants of the Workshop started asking for it...

Then I remembered my days in medical school where we beg lecturers to give us their slides 🤣🤣.

You get all 62 pages of goodness I used for the workshop- it even feels like it's a book!

VALUE: $67.00


The 5 Ingredients Of Mind Blowing Online Sales (Reference Booklet)

I presented this training at a speaking engagement held by one of the most influential instagram entrepreneurs out of Nigeria- Naijabrandchick.

In attendance were 200 of some of the most distinguished small business owners out of Nigeria. People who paid between $500 - $1000 to be in the
DSI (Dominate Sales and Influence) program.

I was only able to cover 2 out of 5 the points (due to time constraint) yet the audience went wild with a standing ovation.

This training is like handing you the keys of the
kingdom of sales heaven because it tells you exactly what is required if you wish to ever experience insane volume of sales.

You cannot arrive at a destination without a road map.

VALUE: $95.00


The No BS Nation - A Support Group And More!!

One of the things most people do not consider when paying for courses is the easier access that such courses give them to high value people. 

In a formal setting, ordinarily, you'd pay a premium to access these people, but when you are active in communities that they are equally passionate about, you stand a chance to receive special preference or priority access to such people. That's why rich people join exclusive clubs - Access! 😉

In the No BS Nation group for example, I've got: ✅a senior finance/ business lawyer that services top firms in Nigeria, ✅A fashion mogul whose fashion brand (House Of Roshe) dominating the Nigerian indigenous fashion space , ✅an International coach/ High Ticket Messaging Strategist who charges a minimum of $5,000 for her coaching, ✅CEO of a Multimillion Naira salon in the high brow section of Lagos, Nigeria (Lekki), ✅A brand marketing executive working with one of the biggest Youth Development NGO's in Nigeria, ✅A Facebook Content Writing and profile Optimization Expert whose trainings attracted 1269 professional and business owners.

Should I go on? Okay that's enough bragging! 😎😎

Another benefit of being in valuable communities is the opportunity for partnership and collaborations - some of my members are already working on this without me even pushing for it. When such succeeds, I'll be a proud feature in their success story as the one who brought them together!! 😎😉

VALUE: $1997.00/ Year


Total Value: $197 + $97 + $97 + $67 + $1997 = $2455


Ready to get started?

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1. This course is not meant for desperate business owners who are "financially pressed" to make money. 

Such people (who make up 90% of internet money hopefuls anyways) do not have respect for due process and they are always looking for magic bullet solutions.

Anything worthwile takes time to happen.

2. This course will not help you make money directly (obviously).

It's job is to give you solid foundational knowledge you need to build the systems that will help you make money. If you do not value strong foundations, please do not buy this course.

3. All sales are final. There are no refunds except the course does not deliver on what was promised.

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