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Every Nigerian Needs A Plan B!!

Hello My Friend,

Before we talk too far, I believe you agree with me on this basic fact:

Nigeria is hard! Even The Blind Can See It!! The Causes Are Obvious!!

❌The Naira is falling faster than a grandma's breast!

❌The price of common food like Garri, Rice and Beans is rising at a rate that would make Lagos landlords jealous!

❌The current CBN Governor seems to be the most clueless of them all, and let's not even talk about "Boo-hari"! In his time, the dollar exchange rate has gone from 216 to 850 Naira (as at the time I'm writing this message)!

The entire regime seems unable to do anything to stop the rapid decline of the economy.

Every Nigerian's prayer now is:

God! Let Nigeria Not Become Like Zimbabwe!!

The handwriting on the wall is very clear.

You and I need more money to keep up with rising costs of living, if we wish to survive, and still live like ballers (God! I don't wanna be a mechanic!!)

And of course, working more hours is DEFINITELY NOT AN OPTION because well....... you only have 24 hours in a day!

So what do we do?

 Look For Ways To Generate More Money Without Working Yourself To Death!

We know the name - Passive Income. It needs no introduction

The only problem is, which passive income vehicle to pick from the scores of options around?

You definitely don't want something that takes years to realise profit (like real estate investing, although you should have that too), and you also don't want something so risky, you'll need a skydivers' guts to do it!

You need a system that has a healthy balance of speed and minimal risk.

That's why I'm inviting you to attend my upcoming Webinar.

The Copytrading Profits Webinar!

What I'll Show You In This Webinar:

✅ How a copytrading system works and how it's better than forex "investment".

✅ Why people still lose money despite following "expert" traders.

✅ The parameters to look out for to judge if you should follow a certain trader's trades.

✅ Ideal amount to fund a trading account so you can make good profits monthly.

✅ My tested and trusted list of recommended traders and trading platform to copy so you make profits and stay profitable.

✅ Strategies to keep your account safe from careless risk taking.

✅ Next steps to start making money from Copytrading.

Here's some reports from Some of the original 164 persons that I introduced to copytrading in 2021.

These trades were taken when I was still actively calling the trades myself before I "retired" to focus on other things and instead guide my followers to other great copytraders they now follow.

These ones were even done with small small money (and very very very careful trading). Imagine if they'd funded with $1000 and above!

Here's One of My Awards for being A Great Guide To Everyday people Seeking The Forex Money Dream

Date? Time? Etc.

I know you have 1 million questions in your head already (including how to get started), well that's  why you are coming for the Copytrading Profits Webinar.

✅ The date is Tuesday, November 2022.

✅ Time will be 8: 00 PM

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Don't Even Think That Thought!

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Take a look at this screenshot, how many members can you see in there?

Dyu know What That Means?!

The target number is 4500 persons.

It means if you are not in the remnant 2000 persons, we wont be able to accept you in!

Postponing or waiting is the worst way you can treat this information.

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About me - This Fine boy!

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I am a professional forex trader with over 6 years of experience under my belt.

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