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If you've been into affiliate marketing for any number of months, You'll agree that nothing sounds better than the alerts of your affiliate commissions hitting your bank account.

Those alerts are constant reminders of your dedication, focus and hard work, and you deserve that feeling, BUT.......

Have You Experienced The Feeling Of Getting Paid Affiliate Commissions In Dollars For Sales Made To UK, USA, CANADIAN BUYERS While Withdrawing At Your Local Black Market Rates?

...plus imagine the pleasure of selling to buyers in countries with , that don't need prayer and fasting before they can part with $50 (N50,000),  because they got better purchasing power and better value for knowledge products!!

Ready To experience Greater Income Possibilities? Listen To The $120,000 Man!!

Kenneth Nwakanma is  a personal friend of  mine and one of the real "good guys" in the internet money space.

Funny that our friendship started with a fight (story for another day).

To date, Ken has amassed over $120,000 (120,000,000+ Naira as at December 2023) from his affiliate marketing business promoting valuable offers to tier 1 countries (UK, USA, Canada).

As part of my monthly No BS Webinar series, I have invited Ken to come share with us the opportunities that lay in the international affiliate marketing space, and I'm extending that invitation to YOU!!

At the end of the webinar, you can decide if you'd like to work with Ken to break into the international market, so you start earning in HARD CURRENCY!!

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