The Advanced WhatsApp Automation Course:

Experience the joy of running ads and have your phone save all contacts (with their real names) by itself, ...without paying any outrageous monthly fee for any software or web-based services!

You're About To Discover How To Automate Lead Generation Campaigns on WhatsApp, With Just A Few Simple Apps, ...Irrespective of Whatever Niche You're In.

Hi, my name is Promise Ohaneje.

I'm the founder of Phone Closing University, most sought-after phone closer in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Lead Consultant at Upclass Advertising Agency.

2yrs ago, I badly wanted to integrate WhatsApp automation into my marketing campaigns.

You know that thing where you chat with someone, and the bot on their phone initiates a chat with you,

...asks for your name,

...and it goes ahead to save your contact before it continues the chat with you.

And if you're the type that won't just admit your name easily, the bot will keep asking to confirm, and it will get a name from you to save your contact.

I tried to do it on my own, but I couldn't.

I searched the entire YouTube with literally every keyword required, I found nothing.

I bought 4 different WhatsApp automation courses, but they were just teaching on using Autoresponder for WhatsApp.

So I started using Wamation, for roughly 11months, I paid 12k per month to use their service.

But I was still searching for easier ways to launch. And I was ready to pay anything, so long as it's just a one-time payment.

Finally, I found my solution. It didn't come cheap, but when compared to paying ₦12,000/month for the next 5yrs...

I made the smart choice.

And I want to save you from that stress I went through, which is why I'm about to give you my brand new course.

The Advanced WhatsApp Automation Course.

There are 7 major things that this course will help you achieve:

  • You'll be able to autosave contacts as soon as it arrives your DM via a personalized link.
  • You'll be able to request for the name of random unsaved contacts that land in your DM and save them in a blink of an eye.
  • You'll be able to autosave unsaved contacts using generic name in less 3 seconds as they land your DM.
  • You'll be able to send broadcast messages to thousands of contacts at once and still be able to personalize the message to each of them individually, at the same time.
  • You'll be able to schedule personalized broadcasts messages to go out to thousands of contacts, at a specified date and time in the future.
  • You'll be able to hold multiple WhatsApp classes (up to 50 classes) simultaneously, without your involvement. And last, and probably the most important...
  • You'll be able to automate follow-up messages to go out (in a drip sequence) to people who joined your WhatsApp list, even if they join after 365days.

The Advanced WhatsApp Automation Course has 10 modules, and in these modules, I taught how to achieve these 7 things above, and even much more.

Here's a breakdown of the 10 modules that make up the course. You'll get access to them immediately after your payment.

Module 1. Installing Required Apps: In this modules, I talked about the 4 apps you'll be needing to install on your phone to make this work.

Module 2. Exploring The Autoresponder: In this module, I taught in-depth on one of the apps we need for this automation.

I shared basic principles on using the app to automate both individual conversations and group conversations.

Module 3. Importing & Editing My Coded Files: In this module, I showed how to import already prepared codes into your autoresponder and other apps.

These codes will do the work of the automation.

Then I shared how to edit the codes, so they carry your campaign details for proper contact identification.

Module 4. Running WhatsApp Campaigns: In this module, I shared on how to direct traffic from your ad campaigns into WhatsApp.

I prepared you for a situation of if you're running up to 5 different ad campaigns at the same time.

You'll be able to segregate and serve the audiences from all the different campaigns simultaneously, without even touching your phone.

Module 5. Setting Up Error Messages: In this module, I talked about how to setup and edit error messages that displays when people don't provide their names, so your bot can save it properly.

And if they keep being adamant about providing their names, you bot will hold them siege and keep showing the same error message, until they do the needful.

Modules 6. Manual & Scheduled Broadcasts: In this module, I talked about how to run automated, scheduled and personalized broadcast messages.

What this means is that I'll show you how to setup your broadcasts to go out with people's name in the message. You can schedule the messages to go out to everyone at a specific time.

And these messages will deliver, whether or not they have your number saved on their phones. So basically, this is a DM that is being sent in bulk.

And the messages are also personalized, so everyone gets addressed by their names in the message that they receive. No generalization.

Module 7: Setting Up A Multi-Option WhatsApp Bot: In this module, I shared crazy insights on how to create something similar to what network providers give you when you use their USSD code.

So people can come into your WhatsApp and have different options. For example , let's say you're a medical personnel, they can see something like...

1 - Medical consultation
2 - Medical supplies
3 - Check your next appointment

Then when they choose any of the options, they can still have more options to niche down to exactly what they want.

Module 8. Automating Drip Sequence Messages on WhatsApp: In this module, I'll show you how to automate your messages to go out to subscribers in a drip sequence.

I'm certain you signed up with your email on websites, and you received a welcome message. Then you got another message after 24hrs, and another one the next day, and another on day3, day4, and so on...

So even if someone else signs up in 3months time, he too will start receiving those same messages in that exact sequence also.

And the messages are not manually sent out to each of you. If someone else subscribes in the next 5yrs, he'll still receive those same messages at the exact time they're supposed to get them, with pinpoint accuracy - completely automated.

If 1000 people sign up in the same day, their messages won't get mixed up. Everyone gets the right message for them.

Now, for the first time ever, this feature is now available in WhatsApp marketing, without having to pay for web services.

In this module, I'll show you how to achieve this automated drip sequence in WhatsApp, using simple apps on your mobile phone.

This module alone is worth more than the price you're paying for this entire course.

Module 9. Troubleshooting App Malfunctions: In this module, I shared some of the major issues that can possibly affect the smooth running of your apps.

These are basic settings on your phone. Once you get the settings right, you never have to touch them again.

If any of your apps ever stop working, just check it... Someone has most likely tampered with your phone settings. Come back to this module and fix your settings.

And everything will be back as new.

Module 10. The Ideal WhatsApp Marketing Strategy: This is where I shared my best kept WhatsApp marketing secret from my depth of experience, selling on WhatsApp.

I share the DOs and DON'Ts of selling on WhatsApp. I shared some of the ways to get more people into your WhatsApp.

I shared how to get more people to view your status. Then I gave my deep insights on how I market and remarket to people on WhatsApp, without getting on their bad side.

= = = = = = = = =

At this point, the next logical question is...

How much is this course?

The total value of the modules (combined) is ₦285,400.

The retail price for this course is N35,000 only.

However, for a very limited time, you can get everything in the course (and much more), at a massively discounted price of...

20,000 Only

But as advanced as this course is, that's not all you'll be getting. You'll be laying your hands on some extra special bonuses that we prepared for you.

And you'll get all these amazing bonuses for absolutely free.


1. Autoresponder for WhatsApp

This is one the 4 apps we require to setup the advanced WhatsApp automation on our phones. It automates every response that our visitors gets when they get to our WhatsApp.

It has a subscription fee of ₦2,840/month or ₦20,500/yr on Playstore.

However, as a bonus to this course, you're getting lifetime access to this app for absolutely free. You won't be required to pay any subscription fees to access it... ever!

Value: ₦20,500

2. Done-For-You Lead Generation Funnel

The entirety of this Advanced WhatsApp Automation Course is to help simplify lead generation. However, you should have a lead generation funnel where you are generating leads from, for it to all make sense.

I have put together a ready-made lead generation funnel with the pages all done, all you have to do is replace the words in it.

I also recorded walkthrough videos to guide you on how to import the pages and modify the content. You'll definitely love it.

Value: ₦14,999

3. Recordings of my 2days Lead Generation Bootcamp

Last year 2022, I held a 2days bootcamp where I shared 13 strategies on how to seamlessly generate leads from Facebook.

Here's a tip of the iceberg from what I shared in the bootcamp:

a) How to create the best lead magnet for your business. (Value: ₦5,000)

b) How to generate quality leads from WhatsApp TVs, irrespective of the type of business you do. (Value: ₦5,000)

c) How to target and find actual buyers with Facebook ads. And How to target rich Nigerians who live abroad to patronize you. (Value: ₦10,000)

d) The ethical way to generate leads from Facebook groups, without spending on ads. (Value: ₦5,000)

e) 5 simple strategies you can use to easily build a massive list of potential buyers on WhatsApp. (Value: ₦10,000)

f) How to identify your customers and find where that congregating on Facebook, using their purchase behaviour, pain point, present situation, priorities and their personalities. (Value: ₦5,000)

g) How to ethically spy on other people's lead generation campaigns, so you can build a superior lead generation campaign for your business. (Value: ₦15,000)

h) The $1/day Facebook ads strategy to grow your Facebook and Instagram followers, and how to optimize your social media handles for lead generation. (Value: ₦5,000)

These are just a few of what was shared in the bootcamp. However, you'll be getting all these and a lot more, for absolutely free.

4. Advanced Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course

I currently sell this course for ₦25,000. It teaches in details, all that you should really focus on when running advertisements on Facebook.

I'm pretty sure that 95% of people reading this page right now, don't know half of what's covered in the course.

For example, here's a tip of the iceberg of what's shared in the course:

>> The Ads Creative Optimization Framework.

This is the framework recommended by Facebook themselves, if you want to reduce your leads generation cost to the barest minimum.

I once used this framework during my social media holiday to get website leads for as low as ₦58/lead.

I'm talking about website leads, not WhatsApp or messenger leads.

You and I know that Facebook is sometimes unstable, so it's not every time I get leads this cheap, but those that don't have this framework don't even stand a chance to get leads at twice this cost.

>> The Baby Step Instagram Retargeting Hack.

This is a framework I learnt from my friend who used it to get $2700 in sales from $35 ads spend on Instagram.

I know it sounds impossible, but it's true. I learnt it from my friend, and I'm gonna teach it to you.

>> The Zero Party Data framework (also known as the ZED framework).

Since the iOS 14 update gave iPhone users the ability to stop Facebook and other platforms from tracking them, it has been difficult to show retargeting to iPhone users, even if they had seen your ads before.

It became impossible for you to track them that they had viewed your ads, so they never get the retargeting ad.

And this increased the cost of ads by a huge margin. It's painful.

But thank God for the Zero Party Data Framework which now allows you track iPhone users irrespective of the recent iOS 14 update.

This will help you greatly reduce your cost per lead and cost per sale on Facebook, while also increasing the efficiency of the ad itself.

You get all these bonuses, plus the entire Advanced WhatsApp Automation Course at a one-time investment of ₦20,000

I even gave my automation codes for free, so you can import them into your apps and get the job done in half the time.

Here's a recap of everything that you get when you get the Advanced WhatsApp Automation Course today.

  • Module 1: Installing Required Apps
  • Module 2: Exploring The Autoresponder
  • Module 3: Importing & Editing Coded Files
  • Module 4: Running WhatsApp campaigns
  • Module 5: Setting up error messages
  • Module 6: Manual & Scheduled Broadcasts
  • Module 7: Setting Up A Multi-Option WhatsApp Bot
  • Module 8: Automating Drip Sequence Messages on WhatsApp
  • Module 9: Troubleshooting App Malfunctions
  • Module 10: The ideal WhatsApp marketing strategy
  • BONUS #1: Autoresponder for WhatsApp
  • BONUS #2: Done-For-You Lead Generation Funnel
  • BONUS #3: Recordings of my 2days Lead Generation Bootcamp
  • BONUS #4: Advanced Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course.

The price for the course is 20k only. 

Enjoy your new course fam...

Ya gazie ✌️

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