The Naira is on a Free Fall...Like an old woman's breast!!!

and you and I can't hold it....

Hello Dear Money Bag πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Kindly pay attention ....... PleaseπŸ™,

If you aren't earning in dollars at this time, unless that rate comes back to 365 (Moses is still discussing za matter with God, by the way), 

.......your money sitting in za bank, doing nothing, would have lost considerable value, at the end of this whole shit!

There are two ways you and I can handle this madness though:

❌ Become crybabies and whine about it while it lasts.

βœ… Take advantage of the situation like low budget Warren Buffets and turn some quick profits from it, while the show lasts.

If you are the second type...

How does adding a 15% increase to that money  in 48 hours or less sound?

Your only limitation would be your bank's international monthly transaction limit.

If you said "Nice", here is the plan (in brief):



I will guide you to a platform where you will buy the dollar at a low rate, and sell it immediately at ₦450 via the same platform.... 

You will earn roughly 60 Naira profit per dollar.

Here are the requirements:

1. Your bank must have a dollar exchange rate of between 390-400/$..... This will help you maximise profit.

There are only 3 banks with these rates: GTB, ZENITH, ECOBANK....Last time i checked via this weblink:


. You can check for your bank by googling online too though. If you don't have an account with these banks, you might need to go open an account with them, upgrade it and get a debit card that is authorised for international transactions



2. Your bank should have an international transaction limit of at least 100 USD per month.

The higher the limit, the more money you could make! So far Zenith Bank has the highest monthly limit at 400 USD. Ecobank has $300, while GTBank is $100

15% of 100 x 450= ₦6750 (at least it will buy richard card)

Please note that you cannot use another person's bank account/debit card on the platform i'll show you if you register with your own details- fraud control tinz

If i were you, i will also open accounts with any of the 3 banks so that i can maximise all 3 account limit- 100+300+400=$800

If i get domicilary account sef, i go join am put!

do the math na (800 x 450)- (800x 395)= N44,000 profits without working-just using common business sense

3. You should have the equivalent of $100 or more sitting comfortably in your bank account.

More is better obviously,but even if you had only $100, and you had 2 or more of the qualified account

Are you thinking wattam thinking already- fund-buy-sell- withdraw-fund- buy-sell-withdraw-fund- buy-sell-withdraw, using the same $100 multiple times (once per day) sending it through the different accounts. πŸ€‘πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

Choi!! Wisdom we nor kee you and me🀣🀣🀣


​4. A working ATM Card for these accounts.

5. A lack of senseless phobia for online transactions- if you are so fearful, don't even stress yourself. 

6. IT basic literacy- You can EASILY navigate a website as guided.

7. Ability to obediently and intelligently follow my simple instructions- even if you are 10 times older than I am.

8. Don't be a whiner!


9. You are required to take action

You must setup, fund, sell and withdraw your profits within 48 hours of landing on telegram group, else i'll show you the door- with no refunds of course!

Do you qualify on all 9?


There are some questions I think are on your mind, that I should answer right away.

  • How long can I use this system you'll show me to make extra money?

As long as things remain the way they are with the Naira, you can keep using the system I'll show you to make extra money monthly, and as long as my exchanger sticks to the plan we agreed on. 

  • Will you train me for free?

Ta-hin-hin-hin-hin 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣!!! Don't be a comedian now? Do I look like father Christmas? 

All I ask you to pay me for guiding you is a one time fee of ₦1097even if you keep using this system to make money forever or even if you decide to start teaching it to other people.


​1. At this time, I don't think I can comfortably support more than 50 peopleThis offer at this expires once that number is complete- possibly.

If I decide to take more, they will pay ₦3000 to discourage some people, so I can reduce the number of people I have to support! 

If you waste time, and not act right away, you are simply reducing your profit margin by choosing to pay me more money and be sure, I will happily take it from you.

You might just wake up tomorrow, and boom, price has changed!


2. This price is heavily experimental. I'm trying to help you put more of the money you make in your pocket (especially if you only have a GTbank Account). If it turns out not to be worth my while, I will revert it to the original price-N3000


3. The exchange rates won't fold arms and be admiring your face, the more demand there is for the dollar (especially from Zenith and Ecobank accounts), the more the rates go up gradually- simple economics!

You know what that means? Gradual less profits for you!!

The faster you act, the more you can make before the rates become useless!


  • How will the training be delivered?

You will receive the training via a series of short guide videos hosted on a private Facebook group.

I will also add you to a private Telegram group where we have chats for ongoing support...

This support group will be closed down after a month.

  • Can I give your videos to train others?

Ehn!!! Amadioha, where are you?!! My training videos are protected by copyright law! If you want to use them to train others, you will have to buy Resale Rights from me to the videos separately, else develop your own videos.

Don't be an ingrate by sharing my videos after this crazy cheap offer i gave you!

  • What's your refund policy?

I will NOT refund you if you use any bank with a high exchange rate to do what I will show you.

I will only refund training fees IF what I am going to teach you didn't work and you can present proof that it didn't....

The refund window is 7 daysand you must have failed with my system to qualify for a refund of your money.

Please also note that I'm not liable to refund you if your bank suddenly changes it's exchange rate or reduces it's international transactions limits- I'm not your bank's CEO, unless you decide to recommend me for the position.


  • Is my capital safe?

You mean your state's capital? i don't know or did you mean your money?

I'm not collecting your money from you, i will only show you where to put it into and take it out from, and these platforms are highly regulated by international financial governing bodies. so yes your capital is safe.


  • Do i need to be a Forex trader to use this information?

We are NOT trading forex AT ALL!! we are only utilising A global platform's exchange rates to make money for you.

By proceeding beyond this point, it means you have you agreed to all policies above.

Now go ahead, and make payment  of N1097 to this account, then click the button below to send me a message on telegram with proof of payment:

Alimi Oladapo Sunday

Guaranty Trust Bank


If you experience any issues, you can reach me on 08182075639

See you on the inside.....