Do you want to be FIRST...ON MY MIND... When Good Things Come up

The Inner Circle Offer

Do you have an Inner circle of strength?

A group of people that are LOYAL to your cause. People who can help you exponentially increase the impact of whatever you are doing............

How do you build such a circle?

Here's a rough idea of how I think you can build such

✅You need to have a Strong, Clear Message

✅ A Strong Personality behind your Message

✅ An audience that has benefitted and keep benefitting the most from your message- a fan base!

✅ A mutually beneficial offer/partnership to help them get more of what they want while they help you get what you want....as much as is possible!


✍️ First you need to realise that YOUR MESSAGE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!! 

You are meant for a specific group of people- a target audience!

These people are the people who find the greatest value, the greatest satisfaction, the greatest fulfilment, the greatest joy in your message...anytime they come across your activities.

HEARTBREAK ALERT ⚠️⚠️: Your closest friends may not even be in this group....yeah! No jokes.. I mean it!! So don't beef them for it!!

✍️ It's very hard to succeed all alone...... We were never designed to do anything of great significance all alone!!

We were designed to be independent in some things and interdependent in other things....

So if you say you want to accomplish something all alone to feed your ego, YOU ARE GOING AGAINST THE NATURAL ORDER!!


The Problem in achieving this is that we human beings are naturally selfish (It's our dominant survival trait over altruism)... except in cases where we are deeply emotionally connected with a person- close friend, spouse, parent, sibling......

The only time we humans ever pay serious attention to you is when you are a passage way to our desired destination.

If you want to get people to JOYFULLY do things for you when you ask, you MUST BE THE FIRST to find a way to CONSISTENTLY ADD VALUE to them in the area of THEIR INTERESTS....

Of course these area(s) of interest must be in perfect harmony with your message.....

You must add so much value that your audience begins to feel like they owe you

When you have done this over a period of time, then you can ask these people to promote your message (provided it's a healthy one).

They will be more than likely to do because they know that your progress automatically means their progress too sooner or later!!

You would have made then into your superfans!

There's much more details that could apply but the above are the foundational ideas that underlie this idea.

A similar principle is what applies to the concept of the dream 100 (another story for another day)

The umbrella idea under which every type of these alliances is housed is the Principle of Interdependency or Co-dependency- Giving, Receiving, and growing together!

These realisations is why I have decided to stop blasting all my valuables to the general public and........... It's time to bring the "Social Do- Goodery" to a screeching halt!!

I will instead use them to build up those in my Inner Circle of Strength- the EXCLUSIVE community of people who gain the most from what I share, and while will happily stick their necks for me....

▶️ People who I can give the very best of myself to.

▶️ People that I can fully depend on when I need them the most to get my message out there.


✅ Whenever I come across any opportunities- money making or growth based, You will be the first to know and take advantage, before I share it with the public.

I may not even share them with the public at all (the one I posted yesterday that pays you between 100- 300k as a phone closer).

✅ Whenever I'm negotiating any deals or any joint ventures, you will be the first to take advantage of the best discounts...

✅ Whenever I'm making any offers, you will get the first and best discounts before they go public... Sometimes I might even give the product to you FREE (This is up to me to decide)!!

✅ I will occasionally give you room to share your message/ business with others in my closed community (T & C apply).... Networking is a good thing!

✅ More will be added as ideas come up....

✅ BOTTOM LINE: You will always be FIRST on my mind BEFORE THE REST (except the rest are my VERY close friends, mentors, or family members or my Hanty Sikira).


✅ All I need you to do is to help me spread my message about my offers to your audience... whenever I ask for your help.

Might be once a week, twice a week or twice a month, or might be twice a month... Depends on what we are dealing with at the time...

I will ensure that this in no way interferes with your own personal program for your social platforms...

I will supply everything, all you need do is to be my channel to circles beyond my reach

This is done primarily via your WhatsApp Status, Facebook story, and then any other platforms (entirely up to you).


✅ You must be very interested in my areas of focus (listed below).

✅ You must have MASSIVELY benefited repeatedly from me over the years (or months)... I don't want people who feel like I'm a burden to them around me at all...

✅ Your areas of interest includes one or more of these areas: Make Money Online, Internet Marketing, Financial Markets trading, Financial Intelligence, Persuasion and influence mastery.

We have no business on this, if none of these applies to you (except we are friends or family)

✅ You must believe that I have the ability to contribute to your growth...

✅ I reserve the rights to terminate the Inner Circle community at any time I feel is necessary, but this will be communicated to you before I do.


✅ Direct inbox broadcast for speedy communication

✅ Group Chat (Occasionally) (Highly organised, non intrusive)

If you want to have nearly unrestricted access to me by being in my inner circle?

Send me a message via the button below if you are cool with the terms of being an Inner Circle member