Thank You For Your Help!

I owe you 1 Million Coaster Biscuits !


Thank You offering to help me talk about my ongoing New Year offer on your platforms. 

A powerful gift is waiting for you at the end of the steps

Please note that you should only pick the posting option that's convenient for you - whether Facebook timeline or WhatsApp Status.

You are not under any compulsion whatsoever to do both (unless you really love me that much).

Please kindly follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Download the Images from google drive

For WhatsApp Status Post

For Facebook Timeline post

Step 2: Select and Copy the link in the box below


Step 3: Post about this offer on your platforms

Here is a tiny script you can follow or add your own words to:

"Broda Dapo wants to do New Year for you! If you have N3250 to spare, claim this offer ASAP


Step 4: Important Notes About Facebook

If you are posting on your Facebook timeline, don't put the link in the post, put it in the comment section.

Reason: Social media apps sees external links as an attempt to take people's attention away from their platform without payment. This is the opposite of their business model which relies on ads which rely on the presence of people on their platforms. 

They will therefore reduce the organic reach of any post that contains external links.

It does't matter if your link contains the solution to all of human suffering. That's a tip for someone out there, i believe.

Step 5: Claim this "thank you" Gift" when you are done

To claim the gift, click the button below to send me a message on WhatsApp.  Include a screenshot of your post