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πŸ›‘ Video 1 - "Why Most People Don't Succeed With WhatsApp - The 3 Hated Truths!"

The 3 points revealed in this video will prepare your mind adequately for WhatsApp success.

Your mindset is where your failure or success starts, and that's what many people don't think about when it comes to succeeding with something new! Mindset ain't some aspire to expire talk. It's serious business and most course buying folks don't take it seriously enough.

Value: $10.00


πŸ›‘ Video 2 - "Decoding Adam's Brain For Your Profits - Brief Nuggets On Buyers' Behavior and Marketing Strategy."

Most people don't think about strategy when it comes to WhatsApp! They seem to think that WhatsApp is a magic pot that just spits out money!

Truth is, WhatsApp is just one component out of several things you need to make a lot of money with it.

Without a clearly laid out strategy, failure is as sure as the rising of the sun!! In this video, strategy is all what we discuss.

Not only that, I tell you WHY you have to do things the way I show you to do them.

Value: $15.00

πŸ›‘ Video 3 - "A Model Sample of a WhatsApp Marketing System."

Here I show you a practical example of what my WhatsApp marketing flow looks like when I'm running a campaign - no theory here!

If you are gonna be successful, you must know what you are doing, isn't it? Better still if someone shows you what their own system looks like, right?

Value: $15.00

πŸ›‘ Video 4 - "3 Reasons You Should Never Lead People Directly To Your WhatsApp Account - and The Right Way To Do It."

Nearly everyone who is new to WhatsApp marketing makes or made this mistake, myself included! Now I want to help you avoid doing the same thing!

To pay attention to my words is to save yourself from headache!

Value: $15.00

πŸ›‘ Video 5 - "4 Deadly WhatsApp Marketing Mistakes That Make You Lose Money"

Some of us love the sound of our own voice too much that we just annoy others....

For example, do you still send broadcasts that look like emails? Is like you have plenty time to waste...

Do you even know what "interest based messaging" is? This method of messaging is how I keep my customers happy to hear from me....🀷🀷🀷

If you think people read that long thing you send, you should be caned!!

I did that dumb shit for 4 years before I learned to do it the right way - in a way that actually feels natural!!

I'm going to show you how I do my own messaging so tey people go dey tell you "thank you" (assuming they are interested in what you offer!)

Value: $15.00


πŸ›‘ Video 6 - "How To Design A Simple Landing Page That Effectively Prepares Your Customer's Mind."

Here I show you simple ways to get your landing page ready to go without spending one million years at it!!

I also tell you why and when you should use a landing page while sending people to your WhatsApp.

βœ… Totally Newbie friendly βœ… No tech skills needed βœ… No Website needed βœ… No Payment Needed!!

Value: $10.00

πŸ›‘ Video 7 - "How To Create A Cognito Form So You Can Collect WhatsApp Contacts"

Cognito form is one of the most popular and powerful form creators out there. It helps non techy individuals easily collect data like name. phone numbers, etc., and it even has a redirect function which makes it such a valuable tool for directing people to your WhatsApp after collecting their data.

In this video lesson, you'll discover how to create a Cognito form so you can collecting WhatsApp contacts of those you want to sell to.

Value: $10.00

πŸ›‘ Video 8 - "How To AutoSave 1000's of WhatsApp numbers At Once Without Paying For Any Automation Software."

If you use WhatsApp for marketing a lot (because you have suddenly woken up to its power), you know one major problem you'll have is saving so many numbers - does making money have to be so hard?

Since I invented this method, I no longer save plenty phone numbers one by one anymore - I just use my method and boom - all the contacts show up on WhatsApp!!

I'll show you my method I have used to AutoSave 1534 new potential customer numbers βœ… with their real names, βœ… without manually saving them one by one, βœ… without using any automation software or βœ… strange character.

If you use WhatsApp for business a lot, you want to have this knowledge!!

Value: $15.00

πŸ’ Video 9 - "How To Organise Your Business Chats With WhatsApp Labels, So You Don’t Lose Sales!!!"

No more endless scrolling through unfinished WhatsApp chats that look like the bottomless pit!!

WhatsApp Labels help you categorize all your chats with customers, according to where they are in their journey to buying from you. This way, you can continue from where you left off.

This also means you can keep your broadcasts relevant by only targeting the specific category the message is meant for.

This is the closest we have gotten to email segmentation - Hurray!!!!

Value: $15.00

πŸ’ Video 10A - "How To Use WhatsApp Robots To Answer Customers So You Can Rest!"

In this video training, I show you how WhatsApp Bots/Autoresponders to automate repetitive conversations that you may need to have with different customers.

Imagine having to say this same thing to over 85 potential customers - let's admit it! it's dkdkkdkkfkfkvkging πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘!!!

Value: $15.00

πŸ’ Video 10B - "How To Program Your WhatsApp Bot To Respond To Yes/No Replies"

In this Video Module, I show you how to respond to replies that could be Yes or No, so that your bot/ autoresponder doesn't go silent after getting a "No!"

Your bot should be mature enough to deal with a rejection, don't you think? 😁

Value: $10.00

πŸ’ Video 10C - "How To Teach A WhatsApp Class Without Being Physically Present All The Time!!"

Rejoice! Oh ye Coaches, Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers! if you often teach in WhatsApp Classes, this video lesson may be the answer to your prayer.

Imagine being able to teach your class without having to copy and paste, or forward content from one group to the other. You just sit back, relax and watch your bot do all the "talking". πŸ˜‰

Value: $10.00

πŸ’πŸ’ BONUS VIDEOS πŸ’πŸ’

πŸ’ Bonus Video 1 - "How To Create WhatsApp Ecommerce Store in 30 Minutes!" by Adeleke Samuel"

WhatsApp Ecommerce Stores have become an in-demand tool for people who sell physical products, but don't have the technical know how to create or work with full blown E-commerce websites.

In this video training, my colleague, Samuel Adeleke shows you how to set up your own WhatsApp Ecommerce store so you can start selling in 30 minutes with a better organised setup!

Value: $15.00

πŸ’ Bonus Video 2 - "6 Cool WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know"

I thought most people knew these tricks o, but well, they didn't...so here I am revealing them....

Value: $10.00

πŸ’ Bonus Video 3 - "How To Make A Link Clickable on Your Facebook Story"

I see many people wasting time posting links on their Facebook story DIRECTLY!! πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

Do you know how much money you lose from that single mistake?!!!!!! 😰😰

I'll show you a trick to do this, you'll like itπŸ’πŸ’

Value: $5.00

πŸ’ Bonus Video 4 - "How To Recover Massive Storage Space on Your Android Phone By Cleaning up WhatsApp."

Most people don't know that WhatsApp is the WORST CONSUMER OF SPACE on the internal storage...

Other use inefficient methods like deleting chats in order to recover space πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚....

I'll show you how to find the places where whatsapp stores useless files you don't need and delete them..

Value: $8.00

πŸ’ BONUS Video 5 - "3 Powerful Hacks To Ethically Steal An Insane Amount of ATTENTION On Facebook, So You Can Rapidly Grow Your Followership, Get More VISIBLE and Make More MONEY!!

This is how I became 200% more powerful, more influential, more popular online, on a new Facebook account, just 1 week than I had been in 8 months COMBINED!!!

Apart from WhatsApp Status, my Facebook Story is also another sales generating tool for me- I don sell Wella for there too...

Value: $15.00

πŸ’ BONUS Video 6 - "How To Upload Videos Longer Than 26 Seconds To Your Facebook Story!"

This trick is how I upload videos as long as 5 minutes to my Facebook story instead of stressing myself to me moving timer all over the place....

Value: $7.00



What You'll Discover In This 1 Hour Audio Training (TAP This Box To See Full Details)

➑️ The 5 conditions that makes sales happen.
This overview presents you with a quick, straightforward way to diagnose a badly performing advert.

➑️ The 2 Major Weakness of WhatsApp influencer ads and How To Overcome Them.

WhatsApp influencer ads are slightly different from Facebook ads, so you need to approach them differently by understanding their unique weaknesses.

➑️ 11 Silly Mistakes People Make When Running WhatsApp influencer Ads, That Makes Them Lose Money - and What You Should Do Instead!!

These mistakes are broadly grouped under 4 categories - Offer presentation mistakes, Audience mistakes, Communication mistakes, Strategy mistakes.

➑️ The Right Way To Structure Your Advert so your advert can produce better sales results.

Just a little error in the way your advertising flow is structured can spoil everything. More importantly,, your structure or flow is dependent on what you need to achieve the most!!

➑️ A Sneaky Dark Secret Most People Don't know about some influencers - That ALWAYS Results In Zero Sales!!

When I discovered this secret, it changed the kind of questions i asked WhatsApp iinfluencers before i advertised with them. 

➑️ My Top Recommended WhatsApp Influencer Service For Digital products Sellers, and Physical Products Sellers.

All WhatsApp TV's are not created equal. Some will give you more results than the other.

➑️ A Few Words of Advice For Only The Wise Ones.

Here I offer some blunt truth about succeeding in marketing or sales. Not everyone like to hear them, because many of us like to cut corners when it comes to getting results, but I'd say them anyways, at least so i can tell you "I Warned you, didn't I?"


🎁 A Recorded Review of two WhatsApp TV Ads.

Who doesn't love real life  application of the things they've learned?

In this session, I reviewed 2 ads flyers that were submitted to me to post on my WhatsApp Status.

This will speed up your ability to apply what you are learning in real time!


🎁 A Bonus Audio Training - "A Brilliant Strategy You Can Use To Make More Sales In a Short Period Of Time When Selling High Priced products".

Selling higher priced products can be tricky with WhatsApp TV's. In this audio training, i share a cool strategy that you can use to extract more money from people while applying less pressure on them.

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