Fear Not! Facebook Ads Does Not Need To Be Rocket Science!

Ready To Take The Mystery Out of Facebook Ads?

Hello Friend, Broda Dapo here, again!

Just in case you have forgotten, you are here because you just watched my Video on Facebook and you are interested in the hidden Facebook Ads Course Website I promised to show you.

I know that the internet can be a very untrustworthy place, especially Naija, so just to fully reassure you (even though I have done a very good job in my video), here are screenshots of the course outline from the hidden website you will soon have access to.

Here Are Some Of The Things You'll Learn

Interestingly, there are two other value packed courses on the site too (Web Design, Successful Freelancer Blueprint).

I simply didn't talk about them in my video because it's out of the scope, but if you do have interest in such, then by all means, knock yourself out devouring the knowledge.

Some Bonuses To Help Your Journey!

Bonus 1: 3 Powerful Hacks To Rapidly Increase Your Visibility on Facebook

In this Video, first I share some important knowledge of how social media platform owners "think" and how you can align with their goals for your own great benefit! Then I go ahead to specifically share 3 interesting hacks i deployed and still deploy that helped over 350 people in my target audience find me, in less than one week!

This is important because you really don't want to be hanging around a lot of people who have no need for or interests in what you offer, on Facebook- it affects everything- sales, engagement, reach, etc.

It's also nicer IF these people are the ones coming to you themselves rather than you going to them - it means they have some form of interest in what you do.

This bonus is specifically designed to be used with your personal Facebook profile- which is where most of your organic business or growth efforts may be concentrated

PS: I will deliver this video on Sunday latest by Sunday 25th, April, 8 pm. I developed Gastroenteritis from food poisoning and contaminated water, so I was forced to pause working on it until I fully recovered- plus the drugs make you super dizzy!

Bonus 2: A Paid Traffic Mastery Support Community

Learning a new skill on your own can sometimes be quite scary especially when you need Feedback from others more knowledgeable than you are. As this Free Facebook Course Website does not provide a community, I have identified a powerful support community containing others like you, and I will show you the way in.

How Much Do You Think I Deserve To Be Paid For Bringing You This Info?

How much do you think you would have paid for this course, if you were to actually buy it?

You'd spend nothing less than N25,000. Luckily, You won't spend that much!

Just help me cover the cost of my advertising plus a little "Thank You Dapo for helping me find this information!"

All you pay is N1500 (if you are amongst the first 20 people to grab this offer!). You may be number 19 by the time you see this, so don't be too slow- notice there is deliberately no timer on this page?

I will keep increasing the fee as my advertising costs increase (which will surely happen), and as I hit the numbers.

Simply send payment to the Bank Account below, then send me proof payment via the button below- don't delay unnecessarily!

....and you can copy the link to this page and share it with your friends and loved ones..

Guaranty Trust Bank

Alimi Oladapo Sunday


Need A Guarantee? Sure! Why Not!

If you check out this course within 72 hours and it's not what i claim it to be, you get your money back instantly, no questions asked.

You have the license to drag me on any social media platform of choice and report me as a scammer to the police also, if i do not deliver on my promise.

 Hope that's fair enough?

Now go ahead and make the payment in peace....(smiles)

....and you can copy the link to this page and share it with your friends and loved ones..

Guaranty Trust Bank

Alimi Oladapo Sunday


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