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Secret  Revelation: Wherever Attention Goes, Money Goes!

If you still need to be told, that the size of your financial success, is directly related to the numbers of people you can influence to take your desired action, ah!! I'm scared o! Maybe you should not be any kind of business at all in the first place....

By Now, You Should Not Need To Be Told That You NEED A Large Number Of People To Reach Your Financial Goals?

You need A LOT of eyeballs on you my friend- as many as you can grab everytime you post something on that blue app.

So What Does This 45 Minutes "No Long Story" Video Training Contain Really?!

1. A strategy to double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of views you get on your Facebook story in just 3 days?

This is the strategy I used to start getting an average of 400-500 views daily just a month, even though my friend list was NOT up to 2000 people yet (at that time)!

My last record was 729 views... and most of my sales come from my Facebook Story viewers.

One of my most loved customers (Queen Igboanugo) who has never done 200 views cracked the 1000 views ceiling upper week Saturday (August 14th, 2021)....

She sells perfumes and oils and this visibility is very important for business...so you can imagine her excitement...

You can see the screenshots of her initial results and last message to me...

You know the more eyeballs that see you, the more opportunities you get to make sales...

Imagine Going From That To This!!!!!!!!

2. A powerful posting strategy to use on your birthday to RAPIDLY multiply the size of your followers/ friends by ETHICALLY INVADING the audience of those with bigger audiences than you (this one is pure fire!!)

This sneaky strategy will get MORE people who are actually interested in what you do sending you friend and follow requests instead of you sending random friend requests to people who couldn't care less if you lived or died!

This strategy helped me become 200% more popular and Influential on my new Facebook account in just 1 MONTH than in 11 months combined, while giving MASSIVE Traffic to others in a single post!

I used this strategy on my birthday and even other people benefited massively from the MASSIVE free traffic it generated!!

I have sold to several people from that traffic..... My friends who benefited from the birthday post have also made sales to some of them.... Chop I chop 😁😁😁

They were shocked where the rain of friend requests and followerships were coming from 😂😂😂😂

Some connections that will produce multiple millions of naira in partnerhsipswere made from that single post!!

You don't have to wait till your birthday (but Facebook always give MAD visibility on birthdays or any post that contains "congratulations" or celebrations)

3. The one content format that Facebook and even other social media platforms are absolutely loving the most right now and giving the most attention right now...

With this content format, you'll be able to reach more of your audience...

Remember, the more people who see you, the more you can potentially sell to.

Most people are still not using this format yet, so the opportunity is HUGE!!


4. How to upload a video longer than 26 seconds to your Facebook story- this is really really really helpful if you have an important video you want people to watch!!

Are You Loving This Already??

So what price would you pay to access this training

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If you use WhatsApp for heavy marketing, one of the problems you are familiar with is having to save so many numbers! They you get these "automation software" and some of them start saving with strange labels. 

The only software i know that does a clean job is Google Forms Director and it costs $19.00 per month!!

Not anymore! Let me show you a way i invented to save so many numbers without all the hassles of payment or manual labour!

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So far 84 people have HAPPILY invested in the 3 Facebook Visibility Hacks Training...

Here are some of their feedbacks also...

Errrmm... Dapo, you said "3 Hacks" but why does it seem like everyone is only testifying about the crazy increase of their Facebook Story Views only?

That's a good question,It's simply because the the story hack is the quickest result generating hack out of the 3. People see results in as little as 48 hours after they start using it.

Remy Anda's Testimonial

Now It's Your Turn To Experience Increased Visibility on Facebook, so you can make more sales, and grow build bigger influence, and change more lives



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You can see there is no timer on this page- that can happen at any minute, so there is no need for a timer.....

You Berra Move Fast Ma Fren!!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS [Read this carefully]:

❌ This offer is NOT for you IF you are still clueless about your purpose on Facebook (That what "Building A Social Empire"is for). No one should be telling you what your mission on Facebook should be by now!

❌ This offer is NOT going to help you much if you don't already know how to create good content that people will love to engage with and buy from. (If you are still having issues with creating great content for your business,then make sure you also get the powerhouse "Content Creation Made Easy" Bundle from my friend through the link below )

Link: https://angelakomolafe.com/ccme-bundle-2/

❌ This is designed for your Facebook profile, it DOESN'T cover Facebook pages (even though it can be applied) because Facebook pages deliberately reduce organic reach to force you to pay for adverts!

✅✅ THIS IS FOR YOU IF YOU want to reach more of your people and keep growing your audience too and make more sales!!

Ps: If you experience any issues, or have any other important questions, you can reach me on 08182075639

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