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From The Desk of Broda Dapo (May 16th, 2021)

Dear friend,

I believe it's not your prayer to invest into something that FEELS like pouring water into a basket!

2 Disturbing Problems I Noticed on Facebook

πŸ“Œ 1. Very often, I see many people on different Facebook groups keep saying they want to learn how to run ads or asking people to run ads for them.

Some of them even come to my inbox, and then I drop the bombshell revelation on them that ads alone are not enough to make sales, they are always left shocked or disappointed....like......

What many (small) business owners don't know is that ads is (an example of Traffic Generation) is just one out of the 7 sales generating pillars!

You still need to have a Funnel, an Ideal Customer Profile/Avatar and 4 other important pillars in place for your sales process to work at all or work well- same way a weapon that will fire must have all parts complete, to fire properly!

πŸ“Œ 2. Too many people just want to make sales, but do not understand that there are some necessary psychological foundations and structures that must have been laid (in the prospects' mind) before consistent sales can happen!

The desire to make sales is not wrong! After all, revenue generation is our goal for doing business.

The problem is that many "untrained" small business owners do not know that there are several psychological processes involved (a mental journey that a person must go through in their heads) before they finally say "Yes" to a purchase!

This mental journey could take an hour, a day, a few days or a few weeks, or months depending on the level of financial and mental commitment required from your prospect by what you are selling.

When your marketing efforts or processes do not obey these psychological principles, you end up creating a campaign that doesn't connect with your audience where they are at in their head.

If your communication can't connect with a person where they are, you can't move them to ultimately buy anything from you- you have just burnt precious marketing budget

There are 3 Phases (B-E-S) that your marketing efforts must take your audience/ customer through before they are READY to BUY from you

1. The "Build" Phase

2. The "Engage" Phase

3. The "Sell" Phase

What many of us do is jump straight to the "SELL" phase, thinking that since (we believe) our products is the best thing since suya was invented, people will share that same "buying belief" immediately- fortunately, our bank accounts don't know how to tell lies!

Several months ago,  I wrote a VERY LONG post on Facebook called  "7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems".

I wanted to test IF many people had figured these 7 pillars out by themselves or not..

To my utter surprise, many people took the pain to read the insanely long post to the end and were profusely thanking me for taking the time to write such details.....

Here are some of their comments they left behind on the post back then:

Did You Notice People Kept Saying The Post Was Long YET THEY FINISHED?!

What does that tell you?

These comments made me know that what I knew about the 7 Pillars and the B-E-S Marketing Phases (and it took me over a year to piece everything together) was not known by most people.

If I could get that same information into their hands in an easier to digest format, I would have helped a lot of people save their precious money, time and energy that could be wasted out of ignorance.

That long post became the foundation for the creation of a 5 Day workshop that held earlier in May, this year (2021).

The workshop allowed me share way more important information about each pillar than that single facebook post could...

10 people eagerly signed up even though I didn't do any heavy promotions or packaging.

Amongst them:  a business attorney with 21 years of legal practice, a marketing agency boss, a copywriting professional, a content creation specialist, a corporate marketing executive, a lecturer, a financial markets "big boy" trader just to name a few....

That number has now grown to 26 people

Here's the weirdly interesting thing...

Some of these same people who paid to attend the workshop were also the same people who read the original post yet still came again and paid to attend the workshop!!

[You can compare some of the names on the initial Facebook  screenshots with that of the WhatsApp group]

You have to have something SO valuable for people to give you attention TWICE for the same thing!

Luckily for you, we recorded the entire 5 sessions...

...so that I could then share the same knowledge with as many people as I could possibly reach- that's why you are here reading this.

The Workshop was so good so tey dem no gree comot from the Q&A group after we finished!

Here's are some cool video clips from the workshop too

Now You are about to experience the same powerful mental transformation that these participants experienced during the course of the workshop.


The 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems Workshop.

This is the one Fast Track Guide your competition wish you'd never lay your hands on!

You are about to experience a massive paradigm shift that will completely change how you see and approach the art and science of selling online!

No more engaging in clueless and dead "Come and Buy" marketing that gets ignored or begging your friends and families to epp yaar ministry (then beefing them for not "supporting" you (face palm πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ).

The "7 Pillars.." Workshop Is Perfect For You IF:

πŸ“Œ You are completely new to the world of online selling, and you want to avoid the painful wilderness journey of wasting money, time and energy buying courses upon courses trying to piece everything together, before you finally realize you have bought many things you don't need.

πŸ“Œ You know somethings about online selling or marketing, but you know you don't have a solid grasp, and you understand that it's unwise to keep figuring things out on your own.

πŸ“Œ You are already good at a specific area of online marketing (e.g. social media content creation) but feel like there are some missing pieces in your understanding of all the areas that makes online selling or marketing work....

πŸ“Œ You are an online marketing geek or need like myself, and you just love to see things from other people's unique perspectives.

If you belong to any of these 4 categories, I congratulate you for taking the pains to read this far, let's go on to more juicy stuff, shall we?

6 Powerful Benefits You Gain By Learning and Understanding These 7 Pillars and the B-E-S Marketing Phases:


🚩By assembling together and revealing the most important details about the 7 Pillars and B-E-S Marketing Phases in this workshop, I have put you on a fast track lane to skip the struggle and "figure it out by yourself" phase of becoming a profitable business owner or marketer online.

I have prevented you from wasting so much time and energy by showing you only the things you should know and master instead of chasing every "BRAND NEW"  shiny training you see being advertised to you!

By understanding the 7 Pillars and B-E-S Marketing Phases indepth, you know what you need to invest your limited time and energy in learning/building and what you do not need!

This is me coming from your future (like the good terminator in Terminator 2) to tell you what you need to know so you don't waste your precious time chasing everything that promises to help you sell better!

Is there anything more frustrating than having a hard drive filled with online courses and an empty, bleeding bank account?!


🚩 You will save your precious money by never again buying training programs you don't need, out of sheer curiosity (unless you have money to waste).

By understanding the 7 Pillars and B-E-S Marketing Phases,  you know what information or skill you lack and what you already have, so you never buy what you don't need!

If you have ever experienced that painful feeling of learning and learning and learning without ever arriving, even after buying and buying and buying marketing or sales courses, then you know why you need to know the 7 Pillars and B-E-S Marketing Phases.

Sneaky Little Secret- Methodologies and "secrets" in many courses are often similar, na each person's packaging,  presentation, and delivery fit dey different!


🚩 Your life and mind will suddenly become much simpler because you will instantly see the general, common pattern that all forms of online sales follow- no more getting confused or unnecessarily curious about the many different systems or strategies out there.

Once you know and understand these 7 pillars, and B-E-S Marketing Phases, you will easily see them in every type of marketing campaign or sales promotion you come across.


🚩 You will stop experiencing unnecessary FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)- that burning emotional state that makes you feel like you will "kpeme" if you don't buy that course, book or coaching.

This is because you would have understood that you do not need to know all the different systems, or tricks or hacks out there, since the 7 Pillars and B-E-S Phases are the same everywhere!

You will be in better control of your emotions and spending (especially if you are an emotional buyer like me!)


🚩 You will know exactly where your knowledge or skills deficits are- you will know what you need to learn in deeper detail, and what you are already good at, on your way to increasing your profits from selling online.


🚩You will know exactly where your existing sales buckets/systems/ processes are leaking so you can figure out what you to build or install into your marketing efforts to plug the holes and generate more money.

Some of What You'll Learn in This 5 Video Module Workshop:

🚩 Marketing & Sales- The Definitive Difference Between Both

Many people think they are the same but they so aren't! You don't want to be selling when you should be marketing!

🚩 The B.E S. phases of ALL marketing campaigns- jump a step, and watch your sales die!

Each phase must be well attended to if a "Yes!" is what you want from a potential customer at the end of the day.

You'll know what you should be doing in each marketing phase in the Workshop that you will now lay your hands on.

To ignore the B-E-S Marketing Phases is to set your marketing dollars on fire!!

🚩 The Great Mistake Novice Solution Creators Make:

It's very very easy to make this mistake, trust me.

🚩 What's a Ready Audience?

When we say an audience is ready, what exactly do we mean by "Ready"

🚩 The 5 Stages of Audience Awareness- if you don't know this and tailor your message to fit each level, it will be like speaking to a tree- your audience won't respond!

🚩 The 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems- Miss one out, lose money!

Niche/Market Research, Ideal Customer Profiling, Effective Communication and what other 4 Pillars must you have in place?

I explained the most essential details about them....so you understand their real world relevance!

It doesn't matter whether your sales system are manual or automated, whether it is offline or online, whether it is social media based, WhatsApp based or web based, all effective sales systems must have these 7 Pillars.

It doesn't matter what you sell- digital products, physical products, long life and prosperity, these Pillars are all the same everywhere- it's the details of their specific application that may differ.

It doesn't matter whether you are in E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Coaching, Service provision- so long as it is sales, these 7 Pillars are there!

🚩 The 4 Most Critical Pillars- upon which others rest!

All the pillars do not carry the same weight, the absence of some pillars will do more damage to your sales and marketing efforts than others- you need to know which 4 pillars are the most important to have in place....

🚩 Personalised Q & A Support- customized suggestions for unique problems:

Here I give customised suggestions on what further learning you need to pursue specifically for your type of business or offerings.

I do this via a support group.

In 5 Video Modules totalling 5 hours in all, you'll know all the above and a lot more that I can't show here (for lack of space and time).

Here are some happy words from those who participated in the live Workshop:

Just Imagine 

...how simplified and structured your life will become when you can see the beginning and end of online selling/online marketing right in one single training.

If you ever received "Scheme of Work" or "Syllabus" during your secondary or university days, you will better understand the feeling- you suddenly have this increased level of certainty about everything you are doing!

You know where to start from, you know where you'd finish, you know how much work is involved to achieve that grade or result- no more yeye yeye surprises!

Best of all, your time, energy and money expectations are set correctly so you avoid unnecessary disappointments or emotional frustrations.

Okay, Dapo, I'm Really Loving This, How Much Do You Want?

I like you jare! You be better pesin!

As I'm not a greedy pesin, why not let's start with a million naira for the first 20 persons only!!

Okay I was just kidding (although I'll gladly collect if you give me shaa)

The retail price of this Workshop is ₦20,000 and I could comfortably charge that from those who already know me well!

However, you and I are just getting to know each other and it would be nice if our relationship starts on a very warm and tight note.

I can't charge you 20,000 for a first purchase from me (unless I'm selling eternal lifedon't worry I'm about to get distributorship rights for that too)

₦15,000 would have been a good idea also, but I really want you to feel that you got a lot more value from this than what you paid for it, because if you do get great value, you will naturally happily tell others about me.

How about ₦10,000? Aye or Nay? 

Okay the "Nays" have it- let's go a bit lower to something that will truly make you happy (phewphh)!

So after due consultation with my conscience, and considering that you’ll still buy other cool stuffs from me in the future, let's settle this by removing an entire 70% from the retail price........

That means you now own this workshop for just ₦6000.( πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί)..BUT.........(hold that "BUT" in your mind as you keep reading)!

Here’s more to get excited about...

In addition to the 5 Video Module Workshop, You Also Get:


The "7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems" Audio Edition.

I realized this would be a MEGA powerful addition because audio allows you the sweet luxury of learning while doing other things.

One of the reasons people procrastinate buying a training they need is because they are discouraged by all those they have bought and not watched (sad face)...

Audio is a much less invasive way to learn and you get to easily play the material over and over again (and there is no wahala of one CD getting scratched from overuse- MP3 baby!

Value: ₦10,000


The "7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems" Notes

Initially, I didn't realise how valuable this was until participants of the Workshop started asking for it...

Then I remembered my days in medical school wey we go dey beg lecturer to give us im slides 🀣🀣.

You get all 62 pages of goodness I used for the workshop- it even feels like it's a book!

Value: ₦3500


Total Value: ₦20,000 + ₦10,000 + ₦3500 = ₦33,500

Today's Price: β‚¦6000 ONLY

Errrrmmm..Chill Jooor.....There's More!!

Remember the "BUT" I told you to hold?

In order to be in perfect harmony with what I shared with you in the ad that brought you here, paying ₦6000 may be something someone else reading this is unable to do right away, and that's perfectly okay.

Reasons could be: skepticism, wanting to take one's time before a purchase (I no dey rush anyone anyways), need to budget for the purchase, need for more certainty, etc....

I'm willing to make a deal with you, and (please read this part carefully so you don't misunderstand me)

I'm willing to delay my own financial reward for creating this workshop in order to make you happy and satisfied!

...so I'm going to give you the power of choice.

Here are two options for you:


Experience the entire Workshop for 6 days for just $2 (₦1500).

(This Is A Test Price)

This option is great if you feel you need more time to process and more information to convince yourself  by direct experience of this Workshop's value and to also plan for the full purchase.

By giving this option, I am showing that I'm willing to trust you that you will have the human conscience to pay me the rest of the money (if you have it) after consuming such priceless knowledge from my work...

This option:

πŸ“Œallows you to watch and enjoy the entire Workshop for a whole 6 days after which the course page will expire (if payment is not made)...

πŸ“Œallows you to directly experience the value of what I'm giving, beyond everything others have said.

πŸ“Œ Doesn't give you access to any of the 3 Epic bonuses until full payment is made.

πŸ“Œ video course page expires after 6 days following your $3 (₦1500) payment, if the rest of the payment is not made....

πŸ“Œ Doesn't give you access to the Q&A support community ( you'll be COMPLETELY on your own!)


Pay IN FULL and get a further ₦1000 discount (means you pay ₦5000 only!)

(The Extra 1000 Discount Applies To ONLY the First 30 People Only!)

This option is for you are already convinced of the value of this workshop and how it far outweighs what I'm charging you for it, and want to take up the offer immediately!

This option:

πŸ“Œallows you to have LIFETIME Access to the entire workshop.

πŸ“Œ gives you Complete Access to the 3 Epic bonuses (plus the mystery bonus if you specially request it).

πŸ“Œ Give you unlimited access to the Q&A support community, where you can ask all your questions, get answers and interact with other beautiful people who are on same journey as you- You don't want to walk alone, trust me!

With these two options, You've got literally no excuse not to experience this workshop for yourself now (evil grin) - I got you with my indabosky options.

Dapo! Can't I Do This Later? I wanto watch NetflixπŸ˜’πŸ˜œ

Yes you can do it later, if you don't have a problem paying more money!

See ehn, the cost of showing this to you is INSANELY HIGH!

Facebook advertising costs rises like hot air balloon!

Add our free falling Naira to Dollar exchange rate and the cost of advertising gets really ugly!

Special Public Service Announcement

Once the cost of showing this to you begins to outweigh my advertising budget, I will increase the price immediately (without any announcements)!

There is no timer on this page, because that could happen in just 5 minutes (after you start watching Netflix)!

Blame Zuck-a-bag πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Now you can do two things at this point:

πŸ“Œ Continue with the way things are:

Spend a lot of time and energy to figure out (and understand) the 7 Pillars and B-E-S Marketing Phases yourself, plus waste a ton of money buying every sales or marketing course that promises to help you make more money!

You may succeed in piecing everything together eventually, and you may not, but you can't recover time you've lost on things you may never need!

That time and energy you could have spent moving straight to the practical side of things to build the necessary indepth skills and structures........


πŸ“Œ Get started immediately with the workshop (taking payment option 1 if you need to), 

Skip the "figuring it out", save time, energy and money and move quickly to building the necessary skills of structures once you are done with the workshop.

Now that you are ready to get started immediately 

Pick any of the two payment options below and let's get this party started!


Experience the entire Workshop for 6 days for just $3 (₦1500).


Pay IN FULL and get a further ₦1000 discount (means you pay ₦5000 only!)

(The Extra 1000 Discount Applies To ONLY the First 30 People Only!)

Got Any Other Genuine Enquiries To Make?  Message me on WhatsApp Below