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Attract Higher Quality Customers, Fire Toxic, Low Quality Customers, Make More Money, With Less Headaches

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If You Could Choose Just One, Which Would You Choose?



Tricky question, right?

Maybe there should have been a third option?

I deliberately limited you to those 2 options! Now please make your choice.

Again, Money or Respect?

Which would you prefer, as a business owner?

What did you choose?

If you chose money, you may need to close this page right away.


Since money is more important to you than respect, it means just one thing;

You are still NEEDY

and neediness makes people sell their birthrights for a plate of porridge ("Team Esau" and 99 others)

Don't get me wrong , money is definitely important, but choosing money over respect (in business) shows that you are still a servant to money.

It means you can't say "No" to money irrespective of what "package" it's coming in.

This kind of "shortsight" mindset is the one that sacrifices a bigger future reward for quicker present pleasure.

It's called "Penny wise, pound foolish!"

With such mindset, you can't make the mental shift needed to reposition yourself in order to attract higher quality buyers (that will HAPPILY give you more money while respecting your time and energy) into your business.

My little book can't help you (yet), thus, there's no need to allow you buy it?

Till then, BYE!!!

Did you choose respect? Please Come Closer.

How do you know you made the right choice?

Read what one of my favourite students, Mr. Bright (a marriage counselor) shared on Facebook after reading my little e-book.

He Made More Sales in 1 Week Than in The Previous 2 Months, After Reading My Little Ebook!!

WHY I wrote this little 

e-book for you.

Running a business is hard enough!

The last thing you need in your business are spoilt, irresponsible, entitled, overbearing customers.

Since I started selling online in 2020, I've seen all shades and manners of irrational behaviour from prospective customers.

I'm talking about behaviour that makes you wonder how some people made it into adulthood!

The sheer pain and frustration that some of those encounters come with is enough to make you feel like "Who asked me to start a business for God sakes!".

This is especially true when you have no idea what you are doing wrongly - the depression is better imagined than experienced!

As a "pioneer personality" (that seems to be my life code, lol!), people like me tend to take a lot of arrows - many of the most valuable lessons I learned came by direct painful experiences.

I figured I could do you and others a favour by sparing you or at least reducing the pain, headache, loss of time, money, energy that learning by direct experience could sometimes bring.

That's WHY I put my little e-book together.

You can finish reading it in just 50 minutes, but the impact will last you a lifetime!

Since you chose respect over money, You are the exact person I created this potent, little (40 page) mental weapon for.

The ONE MISSION Of This Ebook


Increased Profitability starts with INCREASED STANDARDS and ABSOLUTE SELF CERTAINTY!!

Just Like Stefaa Here 

Who this E-book is perfect for

✅ Digital products creators 

✅ E-commerce business owners

✅ Coaches and consultants 

✅ Anyone who has to talk to a potential customer - closers, sales persons, Affiliate Marketers

✅ People selling Long life and prosperity (just kidding)

Here are some of the secrets you'll discover in your 40 page E-book:

➡️ The 3 kinds of customers in any market, how they think when buying things and the chief motivator that makes them buy.

This is one of my most priced lessons discovered by direct experience and of course a little bit of study.

Knowing this will help you question and clarify your place in your market and whom your ideal customer is, so you don't waste your time with people who will never pay for what you sell.


➡️ The one activity 99% marketers/ business owners don't do in their sales pitch/ process that guarantees they will attract Customers from Hell.

Adding this one grossly overlooked twist into your sales message will chase away half brained customers and make you a lot more desirable in the eyes of your ideal customer!

Plus, it will reduce the waste of your resources on the wrong people when it's time to follow up or close.

You'll find this in Lesson 3


➡️ Why you should NEVER display any visible signs that show that you NEED the money during a sale, and the consequences that follow if you do!

Selling (especially when closing the sale) is like a "psychological Ju Jitsu" - your customer is aiming to use your words against you as much as you are seeking to turn their game on them!

You'll find this in Lesson 2


➡️ My "Dignified Desperate Discount" Method - how to position/explain your discount when you desperately need to raise fast cash so that you do not lose the respect, perceived value and authority you have built around your brand.

You'll find this in Lesson 2


➡️ The one "feeling" you must NEVER allow a customer have when they choose to buy from you.

If you make this mistake, you have lost every ground you have to charge the true worth of your product or service.

If your customer senses this feeling in your behaviour, you will be at the mercy of that customer completely!

You'll find this in Lesson 3


➡️ The "acid test" sign to know an unserious or lukewarm customer who is just out to waste your time.

Customers who exhibit this behaviour are the type who hate to accept any sort of responsibility attached to their request for your products or service.

The moment a potential customer exhibits this, just block them!! yes I said it!! BLOCK THEM!!

You'll find this in Lesson 5


➡️ The real meaning of the statement "The Customer is King!" and how this statement becomes self destructive once the original context is lost!!

You'll find this in Lesson 6


➡️ The "low self esteem" belief about customers that makes you cross the line from customer service into customer worship!

This belief is the perfect stepping stone to building a business that feels like decorated prison.

You'll find this in Lesson 7


➡️ A sample of one of my lead generation page so you can SEE how my lead generation page is structured to ensure I do not attract "Sons and Daughters of Thunder!".

Most marketers only put up a lead gen page with:

  • a headline, 
  • bullet points of what the lead will get  and 
  • a contact form.

This kind of lead page is the PERFECT RECIPE for attracting ROTTEN POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.

If your plan is to send them a piece of content they'll need to consume in order to sell them, you have just destroyed a huge portion of your sales potential.

NOT YOURS SINCERELY, I know better than that, after making several of such mistakes. 

You'll find this in Lesson 9


➡️ BANGER ALERT: Why a person's interest alone in your offer is not enough reasons to start discussing business with them.

There are 3 required factors that makes an ideal potential customer. Knowing them will help you not waste time on people who will never convert into paying customers.

You'll find this in Lesson 9


➡️ The one key financial principle that requires you must give your customers a great positive experience with your product or service.

You'll find this in Lesson 10

and several more.....


I presented this training at a speaking engagement held by one of the most influential instagram entrepreneurs out of Nigeria- Naijabrandchick.

In attendance were 200 of some of the most distinguished small business owners out of Nigeria. People who paid between $500 - $1000 to be in the DSI (Dominate Sales and Influence) program.

I was only able to cover 2 out of 5 the points (due to time constraint) yet the audience went wild with a standing ovation.

This training is like handing you the keys of the kingdom of sales heaven because it tells you exactly what is required if you wish to ever experience insane volume of sales.

You cannot arrive at a destination without a road map.

I am giving you access to the entire powerpoint presentation (in PDF FORMAT, so no one will edit it an claim it as theirs)

You see, Sales (online) is an EVENT that is the result of a series of processes and systems.

Without these processes or systems in place, selling online will be an absolute nightmare

Some Highlights Include

📌 The No.1 most ignored ingredient of sales that determines the level of financial success and growth you'll experience in your business.

Most people don't pay enough attention to this one. Instead they start obsessing over the product!!

📌 The 4 elements that makes a product or service a HIGHLY desirable or fantastic product or service.

📌 The sole reason why businesses exist and why ignoring this SUPPOSEDLY OBVIOUS point could spell doom for the success of your business.

📌 Why not all problems/desires are worth creating solutions for and the conditions that make a problem/desire profitable.

📌 The difference between a problem and a desire - knowing which one you are dealing with could help you frame your sales message properly so you can connect better with your audience.

You don't want to be talking about pain (accidentally) while trying to sell pleasure to your customer

📌 BANGER!!: The difference between a complex problem and a valuable problem in business.

➡️ Why a complex problem doesn't always translate to a valuable solution and the elements that make a solution valuable.

This helps you not invest in creating a solution that will take so much production cost yet not have much "perceived value" in the marketplace.

📌 The 3 requirements of an audience that will make you boatloads of money in your business.

Miss one out one of these 3 and you may have entered a market that will limit the size of your profits, no matter how hard you work!

📌 SHOCKER!! Why a premium CV writing service targeted at unemployed people for example is a mis-targeted offer.

📌 Why price reduction (as a means of standing out from the competition) is a negative victory and is the surest way to kill your business margins and what knowledgeable marketers do instead.

📌 The most common "Area of Focus" mistake that 90% of business owners make when putting together an online sales process.

This error is the result of a faulty presentation of what what successful marketing really is.

📌 and many many more.....

Zzzzzzzzzz.... What's that vibrating sound? 👀  

Oh! Those are your hands? Really? Wait!

Hey! Chill! The e-book is almost yours. Just one more thing.

How much do you think I should charge you to lay your hands on the remaining 9 lessons?

Yes! Another tricky question from yours notoriously (winks)

Let's see if you've REALLY learned anything from this conversation since you saw my ad..

Hopefully you won't be a hypocrite who wants to receive from others what he can't pay to others.

So how much do you think I should bill you to own this book and the bonus presentation?

While you are thinking about that, put on your thinking cap.

Let's do some quick thinking.

What's the cost of disobeying just one of the lessons in my book?

Let's use the principle in Lesson 1 (which I already shared for free) as example.

QUESTION: What would happen to your customer base, if you continously made the mistake of giving "further discount" to first time customers (in order to win and "keep" them), then tried to change your price later?

Let's say you sell a product that normally retails at $50, with your cost price being $35 and your profit margin at $15 and this product is something your new customer needs to use monthly.

Instead of selling at $50, You sold to 10 customers at $43 in order to "draw them in."

Your bulk profit for 10 sales (at $43 each) becomes $80 (instead of $150) and you are happy because it came fast!!

Next month comes and these 10 customers need to restock, then you tell them it's $50!!

They ask why, and you say, "I gave you that price because you are a first time customer!"

They should say "Oh that's so nice! Thank you!" right? 

No!! Instead, what happens?

They complain and "blackmail" you by saying "if the price no pay you, you no go sell am for me".

You try to explain, but they would have none of it.

So what happens, 7 of the customers decide to leave! That's $15 X 7 = $105 lost!!

Multiply $105 by 24 months (assuming your average customer stays for at least 2 years).

That's $2520 lost!!

Congratulations!! You made $80 Just to lose a lifetime value of $2520 (97% Loss) because of the unregulated "fear driven" appetite for quick gain!!

Now, this is just from 1 single mistake, and from just 7 customers!!

What will then happen if you made all the other 10 mistakes I outlined in the E-book you are about to buy?

Well, that's why you are buying it, isn't it?

To avoid making costly and "financially unintelligent" mistakes when handling customers.

Whatever I charge you to tap from my knowledge would then be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to the lifetime value of all the customers you would have lost.

So really, making you pay $80 for my wisdom to avoid losing $2520 (for example) looks very fair to me......BUTTTT...

I want to make the lessons accessible to as many of my fellow business owners as possible (while staying reasonably profitable).

For that reason, I will not bill you $80 (yet)

Here's what you'll pay instead. Look below 👇👇.

$80.00 $15.00 ONLY (Early Visionary Price)

Next Coming Price : $25.00

Peculiar Closed Her First Sale by Borrowing just 1 Tip from the book!

Esekwe Couldn't Handle Himself Because The Value Was Just Too Much

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The faster people pay, the less likely I will be to increase the price.

If you procrastinate (and you make me spend more advertising dollars to keep reminding you), then you have just signed on to pay the next price once this offer expires: $25.00

Instead of allowing that to happen, secure your copy NOW.

$80.00 $15.00 ONLY (Early Visionary Price)

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The "On Dealing With Customers" E-Book (value: $80.00)

The "5 Ingredients Of Mind Blowing Online Sales" Presentation (PDF) (Value: Priceless)

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