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Important Caution Before You Continue

It's a well known fact that the "MAKE MONEY ONLINE" niche has an obscenely higher population of "brain dead" losers who want something for doing absolutely nothing!

These persons (like meth addicts looking for their  next "fix") will buy anything that promises instant income even it will kill them financially!! 

From MMM to Twinkas to Ultimate Cycler to Betting to FOMO Crypto, these people never learned their lessons.

They are lost and deaf sheep!! They are far beyond redemption!!

If you are one of those kinds of people, please do not proceed beyond this point!

I highly suggest you go play BetNaija with your money!! 

Such people deserve to be scammed and financially destroyed!!

However, if you are not one of these irredeemable junkies.

If you are serious about building REAL and SUSTAINABLE ONLINE INCOME, please let's continue our jolly conversation below.

Here are 3 COMMON ways people KILL their dreams of making REAL money online!

1. They chose a business model because others are making money from it

Wait what?!!!

Yeah you heard me right!!

ALERT: Just because there is money in something is NOT ENOUGH reason to go into it.

Many poorly informed people who rushed into Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria just because they saw others "cashing out" have now been hit with reality -there is no glory without battle scars!

When considering an online business model as an option, profitability is NOT the only thing you consider!!

2. They choose a model because people said it is SIMPLE, EASY or FAST to earn from it!

Soon they find out that that's either an exaggeration or a complete lie!!

I call it "the most profitable lie in online business".

Nothing GOOD that is BIG is FAST, if you are learning to do it by yourself, with zero previous skill!!

3. They choose a model because it is the trending business model!

All thanks to the "Bandwagon Effect" on this one....

Again, many of those who rushed into the Affiliate Marketing and Amazon KDP business because of trend and hype know better now that it takes more than trend and hype to succeed in a business.

BAD NEWS ALERT: If you select an online business based on these parameters described above ONLY, you are GUARANTEED to struggle, get depressed, quit then jump to another NEW and TRENDING online business!!

The BIGGEST Problem For Online Income Opportunities Seekers: Lack of UNBIASED, PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS GUIDANCE!

Can you remember ANY online business opportunity webinar you have attended (or sales page that you have read) where the course creator specifically mentions the type of people who should NOT buy their course?

Can you remember ANY?

It's not very common that you see such genuinely caring creators (although they most definitely exist).

All you see shown in such webinars mostly is the positive and profitable side of things.

Many course creators in the "Make Money Online" space don't spell out the requirements necessary for their buyers to decide whether the opportunity is for them OR not.

They want to attract everyone and collect money from everything that has debit card and a heartbeat without caring whether their offer is suitable for those people or not!!

For example, what chance of success does someone who can't make a simple correct english statement (without "shelling") have with a skill like copywriting or a business like affiliate marketing that requires communication?

Such persons clearly don't possess the basic requirements to succeed in those businesses.

Traditional educational institutions Universities understand the importance of requirements, and DO NOT ACCEPT any candidate that falls below them!! 

No wonder universities are better respected than most "Make Money Online" course creators, even though many university degress have poor economic relevance and market value!

My Answer To The Problem: Create A "Make Money Online" Guide That Helps You Select The Right Online Business By Utilising Your Unique Personal Psychology AS YOUR COMPASS!

When considering an online business as an option, there is A MAJOR FACTOR you must consider AFTER considering profitability, required time, required effort, sacrifice, etc.

We call it the "EBC Factor"!

It's a psychological factor within your personality and it controls what you are likely to succeed or fail at!

I learned this extremely critical concept from one of Nigeria's greatest copywriters (story details within the guide)

It completely changed my decision making when selecting online businesses.

In addition to other factors, the EBC Factor is one of the reasons I eventually selected affiliate marketing and Freelancing over other EQUALLY PROFITABLE business models at the time when I was having serious issues with making money online.

Safe to say that decision has changed my life, 2 years later and multiple 6-7 figures in online revenue.

Below are some of my earnings from my online businesses.

Discovering, understanding and applying YOUR EBC Factor is the Sure Pathway To An Online Business That Not Just Looks Good To Others, But Feels Good Within You, and Makes You Money!!

BREAKING NEWS: No matter what anyone tries to make you believe, You cannot do every type and any type of online business, no matter how profitable, or popular they are!

If every online business were suitable for you, then anything that makes money should have been suitable for you too.

When you understand and ALIGN with your EBC, You will have found your own personal REAL EASIEST WAY to make money online!!

Ready To Start Making REAL Money Online YOUR WAY?


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About The Author (Such A Cutie)

Broda Dapo as he is popularly called is an online business owner in the affiliate marketing and freelance industries.

Broda has earned over multiple 7 figures (in Naira) from selling online selling his own and other people’s knowledge products and his own skills as services over the internet.

Broda Dapo has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in online entrepreneurship including

➡️ Nelly Agbogu (Naijabrandchick) who organises one of the biggest trade fairs in Nigeria.

➡️ Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze (Accounting Hub - Nigeria's biggest small business accounting training provider).

➡️ Emeka Nobis (Nigeria's foremost authority on Book Marketing and the creator of The Your Book Will Sell Academy)

➡️ Kenny Nwokoye (Top 1% Super Affiliate in Nigeria, Founder of Zero To Hero Affiliate).

➡️ Kenneth Nwakanma (Nigeria's No. 1 Clickbank Affiliate)

Broda Dapo is also very passionate about capacity and skill development for people who want to increase financial confidence.

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