There Is Serious Money in Forex...BUT....There are too many criminals and half baked gurus in the industry!!

Will you allow me guide you to the money? 


I absolutely disliked the Forex industry because I felt there were too many technical things to learn in order to profit BIG.

It was the promises of one coach to take away all the technobabble and simply lead us to the money that got me involved!

He was offering us a signal service for a fee- he would give us signals and we would profit from his calls.

Just like many other Nigerian hopefuls who get into the financial markets , I was highly ignorant of how the financial markets worked, so I was fully dependent on our coach's decision making.

We absolutely trusted the person we were following. His marketing game was hypnotic!

In the beginning, everything was going good- the market was trending!

May, June - we were making money and we felt he was invincible!

I knew nothing about Risk and Money Management, so I wasn't withdrawing profits-. I was waiting for the money to compound- a major mistake!

Even if I wanted to leave some money in my trading account- I should have removed at least 70% of my profits but I didn't!


July 2019 came and UK's Brexit wahala started and unfortunately the pair we were trading was GBPJPY (Great Britain Pounds /Japanese Yen)- A super volatile pair that was affected by any major news coming out of the UK!

Long story short, I lost almost all the money I had made in 3 months in just 2 weeks- total of 9.8 Million Naira from a starting capital of 3.2 Million Naira (which included other people's money)!

The only profit I took out was the N800,000 I had withdrawn earlier. With that I was able to support my dad during my mom's burial, and I also got him a Samsung tab which he had always desired, and settled some other expenses.

Although a member like everyone else, I had been made the chief admin of the program (because i was always helping others out). I also referred 34 of my friends who each paid on average 150k membership fee! 

I was making money as at May- June, so in July, why should I still hide it from my friends, abi?

Well, in that July, all of them lost their trading account funds and they never got a refund of their membership fees from this guy- A cause for our legal disputes with him till date.

All of these happened exactly a week after my mum died, so that pain was double!

All members- (over 400 of us) of the program lost a combined estimated ₦300,000,000 to FXTM!

Think of the weight of guilt I had to bear that my friends lost huge money on my recommendation.

Eventually I called him out on the group for repeatedly disrespecting his subscribers (even after losing money) and I got kicked out of the program for that move...

The program eventually scattered because he kept making blunder calls and people became fed up and were still angered that he expelled me from the program, because I criticized his rude behaviour!

It became obvious that this nigga had been giving winning trades all along because the market was trending and that we had been engaging in HIGH RISK TRADING to make the kind of insane profits we were making before July!

Of course, you could only expect the losses to follow the same pattern too!

It was necessary I shared this with you, so you know where I'm coming from, and pick some lessons...


In a bid to fix the damages that had been done to our pockets, I gathered into a group, all the people I had brought into the program, including many others who simply wanted to be around me because of my leadership approach...

This community proved to be a very good decision on my part- we are able to lean on each other and learn from each others experiences.

We had realised one thing- blind followership of Forex Gurus would bring nothing but unending tears!

If we wanted to profit from Forex like all the big dogs we know, we needed to at least know our left from our right in the Forex industry, so the journey began.

We began testing out different Forex programs- Signal Services, coaching programs (for those who wanted to learn trading), Copytrading/ investment programs, etc.

As expected based on popular stories, many of them turned out to be shit!

Some of them however proved to be worth their price- if there is counterfeit, it's also because there is original now, abi?

Some of us have gone ahead to stick with these program...

I although decided to take a break from the Forex industry, only to come back when I have sufficient capital to rein in the kind of profits I deserve- not those yeye peanut profits you make from trading with $100...

We had seen the power of the Forex industry first hand- there is massive potential, if only one looks in the right direction.


It then occurred to me in the middle of 2020....

Would I be happy to see others go through what me and my people went through in 2019 INTO 2020?

My answer was No! Such stories would break my heart!

So I thought, "What If I decided to create a guide that listed out all the programs we found to be profitable, so people wouldn't have to stumble their way around?"

That's how "Show Me The Real Money" was born!


A Time Saving, Energy Conserving, Money Saving CHEATSHEET that shows you:

✅ (1)..... One of the most reliable and profitable Non-Nigerian Forex Investment/Copytrading company to use....

This will apply IF you don't want to learn trading and just want to make fast PASSIVE INCOME by investing.

✅ (2)..... One of the best non- Nigerian based Day Trading Signal providers around.

They understand the hidden secrets behind the Forex markets- How the dominant activities of the Big Banks ACTUALLY move the Forex markets.. and they use this knowledge to their trading advantage.

They profitably trade both Forex and other financial instruments like Indices and commodities have a stellar consistent records of profits...

This will apply to you IF you don't want to learn to be a PRO Trader, but want to make fast money by following professional traders

✅ (3)..... 2 Highly Respected Forex Trading training programs in Nigeria...

The first training program is from one of Nigeria's most respected Former Institutional Trader- traded for banks and other financial institutions.

In my experience, former institutional traders or proprietary (prop) traders are STILL THE BEST people to learn financial markets trading from - if their coaching programs is affordable for you!!

The second is from a Pro trader who has earned his stars well in financial markets trading. He is also one of the most meticulous and professional traders i know

This section will apply to you if you wish to learn to trade for yourself, instead of fully depending on others to make profit....

✅ (4)......One highly reputable non nigerian based broker that offers SUPER LOW price spreads (so you pay almost next to nothing for each trades you issue), and who take FIXED commissions instead, on your trades. 

They have a very strict application procedure...

They also allow Naira trading accounts (if you want) too...so you experience shorter withdrawal to cash arrival periods...

They are one of the few brokers that allow you take a smaller trading positions on smaller accounts (unlike other brokers who have fixed large lot size) on Indices instruments like GER30, NASDAQ 100, US 30...

Indices are highly profitable trading instruments, but usually require huge capital to trade, but with this broker, you can get by with $ 400- 500 in capital 

✅ (5) 9 "Keep- It-Stupid-Simple" Video Guides to help you learn the basic trade management operations you will be carrying out IF you decide to follow a signal service....

This is where many signal services fail to give their subscribers (who know nothing about Forex trading) the most basic information to execute their signals correctly, thus resulting in either losses or uninspiring profits....

Instead of you having to search through several YouTube search results for the video guides and risking consuming additional irrelevant or hard to understand information, I have created the right videos for you myself and they do the job the short and sharp way!

These Videos will guide you on operations like:

▶️ How to calculate the right Lot size for your account BEFORE you enter a trade using one of the best forex calculators around.

▶️ Overview of Metatrader 4 (MT4) mobile app.

▶️ How to add currencies and other instruments to your MT4 dashboard.

▶️ How to open a trade on MT4 mobile.

▶️ How to close a trade.

▶️ How to part close a trade to secure profits or cut down losses.

▶️How to modify a trade.

▶️ How to move your Stop loss to your trade entry so you can eliminate risk or eliminate loss on a bad trade.

▶️ How to set pending/limit orders so you don't keep staring at your screen waiting for price to get to your desired entry price.

✅ (6).....ONE YEAR FREE SUPPORT/GUIDANCE from me.....If you get stuck at any point.. (Priceless)

With All Of These, You Will Not Have To Do Trial and Error or Learn From Your Own Mistakes!

So How Much Would I charge you for this Guide?


I won't try to hard sell you on this with long explanations of why this is worth the price! Ask those who have lost serious money in forex, and they will clearly tell you they would have appreciated something like this when they started in forex!

You can either let someone guide you to the real deal or you can find out on your own- the hard way!!

However, for 3 reasons, you won't pay 35,000...

1. The festive period is just ending, and you have spent money.

2. I want to put this information in your hands early enough so you can start implementing. Time waits for no man. Now is the time to start building for financial success, not September 2021!

3. I have no external testimonials yet beyond the experiences that we have had in my private group, and I want to get some from outsiders, so this is a beta users' phase before full blown launch!

That's also why i'm only opening this to those who have had previous contact and benefitted from me or my works- it's not open to the cold market yet.

4. I have not put any advanced marketing machineries in place yet, that will gulp time and money.

So based on all the above, instead of charging you N35,000, you will pay 50% less!

JUST N15000


You missed out!

In addition to this, you also get my Bonus Audiobook which originally sold for N3000

This Audiobook contains the specific lessons i learned while we were trying out different programs after our huge loss in the first one. it will save you serious headaches...

Combined with "Show Me The Real Money", NO ONE WILL PULL A WOOL OVER YOUR EYES and you won't make stupid mistakes in Forex, as a beginner!

How Long Will This Offer Be Open For?

Look at the Countdown Timer below.. What does it say? I don't want to have to support too many people. I have other things to also focus on, so get in while the Window is open


You missed out!

What's My Refund Policy?

If I do not deliver all the information i have listed above as promised, you get your money back within 30 days of purchase- No Questions asked and you keep the guide too

Contact me through the link below for further enquiries and to order your copy...Please DO NOT send me a message if you have no plans to order!

Do this before the timer runs out!