Attention Dear BUSY Professionals and Business Owners!! Here's A New, Different and SAFER WAY To

Grow 1000 Dollars or More by 10-20% Every Month Using A Little- Known, Fast Rising, Low Risk Trading System.

Zero Trading Skill Required, No Expensive Bots Needed, No Stressful Signals Needed!! No "Daredevil" Risky Investment Schemes!! 100% Passive Income!

Hello my friend,

If you stick with me to the end of this letter, you'll discover the exact "less popular" system that well informed, busy professionals and business owners have been using to passively generate extra income from the forex market with very minimal, highly controlled risk.

Although not new, this safer, less stressful, more efficient trading system isn't as popular as some of the louder, riskier or time consuming alternatives like signal following, Forex "investment", etc.

Who Am I, and Why Should you take my words seriously?

My name is Aniebiet Asanga ( I'm very cute, i know!).

I am a professional forex trader with over 6 years of trading experience under my belt.

I'm also the founder of Aplus Trading Hub - a forex trading / training hub that helps highly motivated young people become confident, intelligent, consistently profitable traders.

We are 2400+ members strong (excluding YouTube followership (3100+ subscribers).

In my 6 years in trading forex, I have seen the good, the bad and the "butt" ugly side of this powerful and controversial industry.

It made me decide to do things a little differently than most others do, especially when it comes to how we present the money milking opportunities that exist in the Forex markets, irrespective of anyone's previous experience or inherited beliefs.

At this point, I should have started bamboozling you with income screenshots and all that yidiyidiyadayada (like others do), but would you know if they were real or fake?

In an age where we can now create fake forex profit screenshots, fake bank alert messages, cloned websites that look like the original and other deceptive tactics), a rain of hyped up screenshots is not enough proof anymore!

Instead, i'd rather focus the better part of this conversation on educating you rather trying to convince you with "results" screenshots.

Wherever I present screenshots, they will only serve as a visual aid to buttress a major point.

The images below detail the monthly profit/growth history of one of the accounts we've been trading with since 2022, using the same system you are about to discover. 

Each month percentage shows how much profits/returns (in percentage) was made with the trading capital for that month.

As the screenshots indicate, end of the year periods are usually less profitable because most traders are already closing their trading activities for the year.

You'll agree however that passively earning this kind of monthly returns [screenshots below] is far more attractive than earning just a total of 15% annual returns after waiting for an entire year (52 weeks).

Trading Account Growth/Profit History For 2022

Trading Account Growth/Profit History For 2023 (ongoing)

Passive Income, The Big WHY (A Reminder) 

When it comes to increasing your income, there are only 2 ways to do it:

➡️ Way 1: Work more hours to make more money

The problem with this model is that as humans, we have physical limits - you can only stretch yourself so much before your body gives in.

This also means that the day you don't work to work , money doesn't come in.

This obviously isn't a very elastic model for increasing your cashflow.

➡️ Way 2: Leverage on systems (people or machines or both) to passively generate more money without increasing your time and energy input.

This is the smarter way and it's the reason you are here, having this conversation with me.

However, there are 2 major problems with passive income systems.

Problem 1: Most Low Risk Passive Systems Take Too Much Time And Too Much Capital To Achieve Meaningful financial Rewards.

A savings account is a great example of this.

The most profitable savings account I know only pays about 15% in returns per annum!

Wait, what? Imagine having to wait 52 weeks only to earn just $150 on a $1000 principal!! 52 weeks!!

So what if you'd like to earn say $15,000 instead? Well, get ready to shell out $100,000 for starters.

Don't get me wrong, having a savings account that pays returns is great (and I'm definitely an advocate of diversifying your income generation channels), but because the risk is low, the reward is also low!

Then when you say "Let me find a different option that pays way more without requiring so much capital!", the next problem shows up.

Problem 2: High yield passive income systems are highly risky!!

A perfect example of this is the now disgraced Forex "investment" model.

In this trading model, you had to send over your funds to someone else to trade with in their trading accounts.

This means you couldn't see what they were doing with your money and only had to rely on faith that they knew their onions.

Not surprisingly, the model didn't take too long to fail!!

Many Forex "investment" companies sank for the following reasons:

📌 Their model couldn't handle the dynamic influx of funds coming from subscribers at random times.

The fact that newer funds had to be factored into existing trades meant that the room for human trading error greatly increased.

📌 They did not have any standard policy of when to stop receiving funds.

📌 They were promising high level returns. Some promising as high as 50% ROI monthly!!

📌 Many such companies were not regulated by the Central Banks nor insured by the NDIC.

As a result, many people lost unbelievable amounts of money.

The fact that nearly all Forex investment companies in Nigeria for example have failed is a telling sign that the model is unsustainable!

MBA Forex LTD's failure and consequent bankruptcy remains a black swan event that most Nigerians would prefer to forget.

When the seemingly invincible MBA Forex LTD. got shut down by the SEC and EFCC, a lot of Nigerians (middle class earners) permanenetly lost faith in the Forex investment path to making money.

They had to go back to working hard for their money or taking up safer investment options that required bigger capital or provided slower ROI!

The question then is, "Is all hope about passively making money from Forex really lost?"

Is there a better structured and safer approach to leveraging other people's trading skills to make sweet paychecks, without exposing yourself to financial ruin?

Yes! It's called Copy Trading.

What Is Copy Trading?

Copy Trading is a trading system where you make profit by automatically copying a professional trader's trades to your own accountwithout handing over your funds to that trader.

In a Copy Trading system, you simply fund your trading account and your trading account is then linked to the trader's account and whenever they issue trades, those trades get mirrored to your account

Copy Trading Vs Forex Investment - The 3 Bigger Benefits For You

1. You have a lot more control over your funds because it stays within your domain (your trading account), so you can easily decide if you want to stop copying a trader or if you want to withdraw your funds without unnecessary stories.

2. You can see the trades and your account growth in real time - no being in the dark about what is going on with your money!!

An example is provided in the image below

[NOTE: Image is for illustration purposes only]

3. You can set your risk levels to what you are comfortable with risking on your account.

This means that you can determine the maximum limits of risk you are willing to tolerate on your account.

The system will not exceed these risk limits and that means that your capital is better protected than if you gave it to someone else to handle for you.

In summary, you have total control over your funds and how it's being traded.

I know this all sounds like good stuff, but I hear you asking:

"Aniebiet, there can't be all good news tell me the bad news too."

YES!! There are!!

As your educator, i'm bound to lay all the cards bare so you can make informed decisions.

Here are 3 concerns about copy trading that must be addressed if you will make good money from it: 

1. Copy trading is not immune from the normal risks of trading.

Forget the way some copy trading platforms present copy trading like it's some invincible, bulletproof wild money making venture.

Copy trading like any sort of financial markets trading comes with risks of losing money. What must NEVER happen however is that you lose ALL your money!

Trading, like every normal business, is a case of risking less money in a strategic HIGH PROBABILITY plan to make MORE money. 

In a proper trading setup, you should not risk more than 2% of your trading funds on a single trade, and you should NEVER lose more than a total of 20% of your funds if all your bad trades for 1 month were added together, assuming you linked up with a quack trader.

Any losses that exceeds 20% is a trading abomination and should NEVER happen!!

As someone who wants to make good money with copytrading, you must mentally accept these potential risks and this is why trading is NOT for people living in "survival mode" or on borrowed funds.

2. copy trading won't make you an overnight millionaire!

Copy trading is best used as a secondary source of passive income.

Yeah you'll make a good deal of money from copying a good trader, but no, don't expect to make millions from trading with just $1000.

A good and realistic return to aim for monthly is an average of 20% passive profit on your trading capital - some months will be higher, some months will be less, as you saw in the previous screenshots.

3. Some copytrading platforms don't give sufficient guidance to help You choose the best traders

I won't mention names, but i have tested some Copy Trading platforms and have found them wanting in terms of the detail they provide about a trader's performance.

Just telling us how much profits a trader has made without showing us the duration of their profitability so we can judge their profit consistency is not enough!!

Some platforms even allow traders who tell you you can copy their trades with tiny funds while they (the trader) are trading with funds that are 10x of yours. ❌❌😢😢

Of course, you'll have lost nearly all of your tiny funds when the trade goes temporarily south, while they are waiting for the trade to follow the original projection.

Eventually, they'll, you lose!!

Alright!! Aniebiet, so how Can you help me make this money?

Glad you asked.

I've been itching to get to this part since the first sentence! 

2 years ago, I created a pilot (beta) version of my copy trading program - The Aplus Ground Zero Copy Trading System.

The goal was to test my methods that had been working for me with other people across a long timeline.

That beta test program lasted for 2 years. We needed that much time to be sure we could produce consistent results under any kind of market conditions, and to also adjust the strategy as needed.

That pilot program also required only just $100 capital back then. 

We required such low capital in order to build trust with subscribers while working under some of the tightest conditions with extremely limited funds.

It turned out to be a winning combination, over 105 beneficiaries subscribed.

Here were some of their reviews.

Now that we have completed the pilot/beta phase with consistent results over a 2 year period, we decided it was time to activate the full scale copytrading program.

Before I reveal that however, let me quickly highlight an important (and expected) challenge we faced during the pilot programme.

The problem with trading with just $100.

While $100 may be convenient for most people, the truth is, if you really want to make meaningful profit every month, $100 will not get you very far.

Your profitability is limited because the trader has to excessively prioritise funds safety over profit making opportunities.

For a $100 account, trades that'll allow you effectively risk only 2% of your funds (the recommended maximum risk per trade) to make more money are quite difficult to find.

In comparison, $1000 (or more) in funding presents you with a lot more opportunities than $100 does.

Your fund size therefore limits the number of trades that a trader can issue and how much profits you can accumulate in one month!

With all of these firmly in your mind, t's finally time to introduce you to our brand new full scale Copy trading program.

The Aplus Copy Trading Program 2.0.

  • Earn between between $100 to $300 (75,000 - 225,000 Naira) passively every month while you mind other businesses. 
  • Choose your comfortable risk level (depending on how much risk you can tolerate - more risk, more rewards).                               Caveat: Maximum recommended risk per account is 20%.
  • Have direct support to me for questions and concerns (many copytrading platforms don't have any avenues to interact with the trader directly).
  • Network with other high quality, financially aware professionals or business owners in the community. A person who can conveniently spare $1,000 is not an average person, innit?
  • This is a copytrading program offered by someone who genuinely cares about providing real solutions, and who isn't just after making money.

Here are 3 case studies from current subscribers to the program.

Kolawole Earned $107 in less than 30 days from his $998 Trading capital.

Timothy did more than 50% of his test deposit in profits

Olakunle did more than 40% of his test deposit in profits

what would you do with an extra $100 - $200 monthly

Imagine you didn't have to dip hands into your salary or business profits to take care of certain needs.

Imagine that you had a steady extra $1oo - $200  every month.

What kind of little problems would it solve for you?

What little desires of yours would you spend it on?

✔ Maybe it'll become the monthly "send home funds" for your parents?

✔ or maybe you'll send it to your younger ones who need your support?

✔ or maybe it'll become your wify's monthly pocket money.

✔ or maybe it'll become your monthly "charity budget" (yeah, some people have budgets set aside for helping those in need.)

✔ or maybe you'll save it up to fund other opportunities?

✔ or maybe you'll just use it to relass and be taken kiarof (relax and be taken care of)?

What would you with it? Hmm?

How To Get Started? Here Are Two Paths

In my usual style of allowing people the power of choice based on their level of conviction, we have made available two ways for you to start your copytrading money making venture with us

Path 1: The $1000 Full Scale Package

This package is designed for you if you:

  • are already fully convinced of this program's ability to get you your desired results- passive money.
  • are ready and able to take full advantage of the financial potential of this program.
  • are fully capable of conveniently sparing $1000 or more and still be financially well off.
  • Profit share ratio per successful trade: 70:30 (subscriber gets 70%, I take 30%).
  • To get started, apply via the button below.

Path 2: The $100 Trial package  

This package is designed for you if you:

  • aren't fully convinced yet and want to test the waters with smaller funds, before taking a full dive.
  • Don't mind making tiny profits monthly during the trial period.
  • Profit share ratio per successful trade: 70:30 (subscriber gets 70%, I take 30%).
  • To get started, apply via the button below.

An important cautionary warning

This service is NOT intended for:

  • people living in "survival mode".
  • people without sufficient "disposable" income.
  • People who don't like to or don't want to take any financial risks.
  • People who are uncomfortable with occasional losses (even though it will end in profits at month end).

What Will Happen If You If You Do Nothing?

  • Nothing dramatic. Only that you will have missed an opportunity to add one more income stream that doesn't require you to trade your limited time and energy for money. 
  • Whenever those little unannounced expenses show up, you'll have to spend from your salary or business profits to take care of them.

Ready To Get Started? Apply Below

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