Concerned Marketer Opens Pandora's Box....Reveals..

The 5 Real Reasons  You're Not Making Enough Sales

Even Your Favourite Coaches May Not Know About!!

The Problem Is a lot deeper than you think...

Dear hardworking business owner.

If you think the reason you aren't making the amount of sales you desire online, is just because you lack some top secret strategies, or tactics or tips, you are many miles away from the FULL truth.

While lack of knowledge is true to some extent, the real reasons your online sales are poor are much more foundational than even you are even aware of!

What you don't realise yet is that asides other less grievous issues like lack of marketing knowledge or skills, this current version of you is the result of a deep faulty programming done by a 936 years old system (as at the time of this writing),

But First, Who Am I To Tell You What To Think?

Do I really have to do this intro? (Sad face)? Okay! I'll be quick with it.

CRITICAL NOTICE: Please note that everything I share below is NOT to brag (cos I'm not a billionaire yet), but just to QUICKLY help you establish that I know my onions, so you can give me your full attention - that's all!

My name is Broda Dapo.

For a male, I'm quite short - just about 5 ft 4 inches!

Luckily for me, my girlfriend (read "future wife") is same height as me (so I won't feel weird trying to kiss her) - prayer answered!

I started learning to sell stuff online in January 2020 and between then and now, I have gone on to become one of the respected names in digital entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

All those cool people in the picture slideshow below were listening to yours truly- ME.

At the time of publishing this, I run 2 businesses online:

✅ One where I create and sell digital products from my residual and active knowledge (+ other people's products too). 

✅ The second where I create highly educative and entertaining video adverts for coaches, course creators, consultants, and occasionally, some select e=commerce businesses.

UNSOLITICED REVELATION: I also plan to launch an e-commerce business selling only "hot" high demand physical products, cos my fellow Nigerians value physical things more).

I have 4 successful digital products (active and retired) on online sales and marketing under my belt - image below

Before I created those winning products, I'd created 5 "stillbirth" products over a 2 year period that failed to sell up to $30 each [Those were very very painful days of paying my dues]

Today, I frequently feature alongside some of the most successful online entrepreneurs in Nigeria as a speaker or facilitator.

Below are some images to back up all those claims. Scroll through quickly so we get into the juicy stuff!

What industry leaders say about me

Some of my trainings

Now that you believe me a little more, let's get to the matter....

Here's the first thing i need you to know (even if you don't understand me yet)

You Have Been CONDITIONED To Think About Business In A Way That Leads To Poor Sales....But You Don't know It...

Did you ever see the 1999 hit movie "The Matrix"?

In the movie, highly advanced machines had nearly conquered the human race, and to maintain their hold over the humans, they designed a false reality for the human race to live in using a computer program [The Matrix].

As long as the humans continued to comply within the fake reality that were plugged into, the machines would continued to feed on their energy!

In a similar fashion, you as a business owner have been WIRED into a "THOUGHT MATRIX" where you are "trained" to THINK and BEHAVE in a certain way that's GUARANTEED to sabotage any efforts you make to grow your online sales.

These self-frustrating thought patterns make you feel good in the short run, because they appeal to your desire for the easy life, but end up destroying your goal of online sales domination.

In this conversation, I'm going to prove this to you with 5 disturbing revelations and at the end, I'm going to show you the way out....

Then, whether or not you accept to escape this matrix is up to you, but at least, you'll know what's wrong.

Before we proceed, I have a few warnings for you:


As you can already sense, this letter is NOT milk for babies - people who love quick rewards, instant gratification or "magic bullet" solutions to deep problems.

You don't go to a doctor with a serious health complaint, then get angry or impatient that the doctor needs to take his time to diagnose and explain to you what's wrong. If you did that, you'd likely be dead before you know it.

Patience is a virtue here. If you are in a hurry, then it means your online sales issues are not problematic enough yet.

At this point, I need to ask you to choose between two options:

Blue Pill Or Red Pill?

Choose the blue pill to go on living in a world of pretence that everything is fine (even when you know it's not) and close this page. 


Choose the red pill to face the painful truth that will set you free so you can have the chance to live the life you dreamed of.

Red Pill? Let's begin........

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