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Billaria - The Adulthood sickness 

that destroys promising futures.

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Remember that in the previous post, I stated that the toxic message of "internet money = fast money" is often targeted at financially vulnerable and desperate people?

Welcome to your next demon - Bills - the destroyer of focus!!

Here's a powerful quote from Glenn Stearns who is worth $500,000,000 (Five hundred million dollars).

To put it differently, 

the worst time to build a business is when you are pressed to pay bills!!

When you need to pay bills, you will become desperate to make sales, and your desperation will push you to do stupid things online and stupid things won't bring you any sales.

Remember what I said earlier:

The internet is Not a QUICK FIX for financial problems.  

You need to understand that sales is simply an outward result of unseen well structured, systematic processes.

Sales is like giving birth, but the pregnancy process must be allowed if you don't want a miscarriage.

If you find yourself being in a hurry to make sales online, tell that inner bitch to stop, before you do something dumb like paying someone $20 to run ads for you.

If you are in doubt, ask those who tried running ads with cheap guys.

In case you are not getting the memo, read this twice 👇👇

In order to make consistent, stable and predictable sales online, you need a well laid out sales system and systems take time to build.

Sounds unsexy? I know but irriswarriris (It is what it is)

One more important point before we bury this issue.

There's another silent darker side to doing things in desperation and this goes beyond sales alone. I call this the.....

The Desperation - Poverty Reinforcement Cycle.

Most people don't realise how desperation has a cyclical pattern that guarantees you'll be perpetually broke!!

It usually happens like this:

➡️ You buy a course promising you quick and fast sales results even if you have zero online sales skills, and only 30 minutes a day to implement. (Sounds familiar😂?)

➡️ As you dig into the course, you quickly realise that "fast" doesn't mean "easy"!

➡️ You start losing the motivation to continue because of your short term expectation (expectation is the father of disappointment and disappointment, the father of despair!)

You may even conclude that it's your fault that the course is not working because others (who decided to stick it through after realising the truth) are giving testimonials.

➡️ Then another buffoon shows up in your newsfeed telling you how his "brand new, never before revealed , simple 3 step system" for generating $3000 monthly in sales is the "missing ingredient" in your success recipe.

➡️ You buy his course and all too soon you realise that it does involve some previously undisclosed work to make it work...

Since you never really expected more work and the need to spend more money to make the lessons work, you start drifting again, until you abandon the course.

This happens several more times before you finally "come to your senses"

➡️ So here you are, originally broke and now several feet below, with nothing to show for it, except that now, your desperation has gone further up - you are now in debt.

➡️ You then quit and conclude that all these online stuff is a scam (pun intended) and return to your old ways.

Just like that, your dream of the soft life online was aborted by the need to pay bills.

Again, remember that statement by Glean Stearns.

"You can't build a business when you are in survival mode"

Let's say for a second, that after coming to your senses, you finally decide that you want to do things the right way. Well, can you hear that loud creepy sound?

You just awakened the next demon you'll need to overcome.

Which leads me to my next point.....


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