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Of course! Going back to school is hard!!

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Congratulations!!!!! Orrrrrrr... Wait.... Not yet!!

I salute you for making it this far.

You deserve some serious accolades, but don't become comfortable just yet, because reading this far means:

You only just won the battle, but now you are facing the war!!

This is where many people lose the ball and miss the opportunity to change their lives forever!

Here's what most people don't realise (when they gain life changing insight they didn't have before):

"Gaining New Knowledge is Exciting, but Building New Habits is Not!"

You have learned a lot about why you are not getting enough of the sales results you seek, and that kind of clarity brings excitement BUT your life is not gonna change if you don't allow what you have learned to influence your actions and buyinh decisions going forward.

Contrary to the common saying that knowledge is power, the truth actually is that.

Knowledge is Potential Power. Applied Knowledge is Power!

Right now, You are standing at the same point that the Israelites who followed Moses stood before the Red Sea and you are asking:

"Do I go back to "Egypt" and die living the average online life (with mediocre sales) or do I take a shot at the chance to become a top producing sales machine?"

"Do I continue to be a victim of an imperfect educational system and blame everything else but myself for my poor sales results or do I take my own destiny into my own hands and forcefully take what I wasn't given?"

Of course, You and I have already established that getting the required sales and marketing education you need (to become a sales magnet) will require money, time, dedication, annnnnnnnd even a little sprinkle of madness!!!

If there was only one advice I could give you, it would be this:

Treat getting marketing and sales skills like You treated your university degree. Be comfortable to spend on knowledge that will make you a winner at selling!

You paid good money to get tertiary education. You didn't bargain price.

You never asked your school's admissions office for a discount, neither did you accuse your professor of being a "scam" because you hadn't made a penny after enrolling in the university, right?

That same respect and decorum is what you must apply to the skills that have the potential to bring in more money than you know what to do with.

Don't shortchange your own self by being :pennywise, pound foolish" (like average business owners often do when trying to "save cost").

Look, I know people love sweet lies because being told what you want to hear has a temporary "feel good" effect.

On the long run however, they'll wish someone had been kind enough to hurt them with the truth so they could save all the wasted time spent on doing the wrong things!

Going back to "school" (with countless things now asking for your attention) is certainly not going to be an easy task!

Heck! you will be tried by fire!

You Will spend Good money on your education to become an online sales pro! accept this fact or die average!

I know i'm beginning to sound like a broken cymbal now, but it's to ensure you understand the gravity of this matter.

Between January 2020 and now, i have spent well over $4000 dollars on my own marketing education.

Only a deluded simp will think he can get my kind of results by buying a $5 course on Facebook Ads!

Like dude! Wtf!!

The one thing however, that is certain is that if you heed my advice and invest heavily with joy in gaining top notch sales and marketing skills, you will NEVER have to worry about money or epileptic sales again

I only hope that you decide to do the right thing, if not for your sake, but for the sake of those whom you love and want the very best for.

We've covered a lot together and I salute you for coming this far with me. Many people already dropped off on the way, but not you. You are  different! You know what you want!

I believe your eyes of understanding have been WIDE OPENED.

I want to make you a special offer that will start you on the road to wild sales online.

An invitation that will give you the opportunity to begin applying everything you have just learned in these pages so you can get the results you seek in online sales!

Are You ready? Flip to the next page!

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