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 Grandpa's 30 year's old "Microwave"

The most profitable internet message that destroys millions of online destinies

The arrival of the internet in the 1990's brought with it many unforeseen economic opportunities.

The potential of the internet as a profitable channel became known when a man named Dan Kohn conducted the first online sale of a music CD in 1994.

On July 5th of the same year, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com - the world's first online bookstore from his garage. Jeff had left his job to join what was then called the "Internet Business Boom"

By the early 2000's, the term "internet marketing" would start becoming popular as several "internet millionaires" began popping up.

These shiny "internet gurus" often made wild claims of how they were making so much money selling stuff online or doing "simple online" tasks, and how they were gonna teach others to do same.

Much of these claims all seemed to follow a defined narrative - that the internet was this "magical" channel for generating wild profits in unbelievably short periods of time that wasn't previously possible offline.

Naturally, people bought into this "quick cash" gospel in massive numbers (because we are wired to run towards anything promises "easier" and "faster"). Most of these people often were financially vulnerable people who desperately needed a way out.

This "revolutionary" message of opportunity gave birth to an entire generation of people and an industry whose default understanding was:

"internet money" = "fast money"

This is where the "Microwave Success" mentality of most internet hopefuls began. As far as they were concerned, if it wasn't easy and impossibly fast, then it wasn't the real deal!

To many people, the internet was this magical channel to generate quick bucks (rather than just an easier, faster channel for the exchange of value, which it really is).

The dark truth in all of this is:

Many of our respected gurus who built the "internet marketing/online business" industry OVERSOLD us on the ease of generating income over the internet and now they can't reverse the damage they've done, easily!!!!!

This toxic "internet money is fast money" gospel led to the birth of a "mentally damaged" generation that:

➡️ has ZERO RESPECT for process.

➡️ has an impatient attitude to building the right foundations before seeing online success e.g an affiliate marketer on Twitter who complained of no sales after just 2 weeks of starting affiliate marketing - without any previous skills!

➡️ has a twisted expectation of making huge income for doing bare minimum work or less than standard.

➡️ has an unhealthy appetite for speedy results...and finally.....

➡️ Saw the internet as a "QUICK FIX" to their financial problems!

This poisonous mentality has endured to this very day and subconsciously, has become the default expectation of almost anyone who is trying to build a business over the internet.

Ever heard of this statement, "Please help me, I want to make money online."?

It's the perfect summary of cluelessness and the desperate spirit that is commonly present in all those who want to earn internet income.

The twisted part is that even when these people shout "scam" at an ad promising wild gains in short periods of time, they are only doing so out of fear of loss, but secretly, they still wish it were possible.

Unless this "Microwave Success" mentality is first cleared out of your system, as a business owner, (and you settle it in your heart that you'll do the initial work needed to build a well laid out profit generating marketing and sales system), your chances of succeeding online are pretty much zero!

Those who seek shortcuts always arrive last!!

And just in case you think this is the last demon on your road to online "promised land", the next one is waiting for you and trust me when I say he is MANY TIMES stronger!

Are you scared or ready for the next chapter?

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