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 6 Blind Men and The Elephant.

Time for a story? Sure!

Once upon a time in faraway India, a group of blind men wished to know what an elephant felt like. Their wish was granted and they were brought to one.

They were then positioned at different parts of the elephant. Using their hands, they proceeded to describe the shape of the elephant based on the parts they touched.

The one near the belly said the elephant was like a wall. The one who felt the tusk said the elephant was like a spear.

Another who felt the tail said the elephant was like a rope. The one who felt the knee said the elephant was like a tree!

The one who felt the trunk said the elephant was like a snake and finally the one who felt the ear said the elephant was surely like a fan.

These blind then started arguing amongst each other and each called the other a dishonest person.

So... Who Was Right?

Well, this story serves to illustrate the fact that we humans tend to assume that our subjective and limited observation is the whole truth.

Each blind man was only partly correct, but each felt that the other was wrong because his description didn't fit their experience or observation.

To relate this story to our interest:

The elephant here is Sales.

The blind men (half blind in this case) represent some of the Marketing gurus and trainers you have encountered online.

The description of each blind man represents each gurus understanding or opinion of what it to make sales happen online.

I'm pretty sure you'd seen statements similar to these on social media or in ads:

➡️ You don't have a killer sales copy, that's why you are not getting enough sales.

➡️ You are not creating great content. You need to build the "know-Like-Trust" factor. That's why you are not selling.

➡️ Offers!! Offers are everything! You should learn how to make irresistible offers. That's why you are not selling!

➡️ You need traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of sales. Sales is a game of numbers!!

Arrrrghhh!! Sounds familiar?

From my analogy, you already know the obvious truth. All these statements are isolated and partial truths - not the full picture.

This partially correct, often conflicting, and often strongly worded viewpoints lead to three major problems:

➡️ You become more confused because you can't tell which is the real reason for poor sales and because you cannot see the relationship or logical connection between each different guru's opinions.

➡️ You spend a lot of money buying different disjointed courses in a bid to try to get a comprehensive understanding so you can get your sales game right.

➡️ You waste a lot of time trying to figure out what is the real reason you aren't getting results.

If you are lucky, you eventually make sense of everything and piece them together. If you unlucky....errrrr! Let's not talk about it!

At the end of the day, the only one who's really making the money is the person who sold you the course  (😓)

Well, what do you do?

Of course you need to learn from someone who can give you an INTEGRATED UNDERSTANDING of the elements to make online sales consistently - someone like myself!

That's what I do in my flagship training program for small business owners - The 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems.

More about that later, but for now, there is one last demon we have to kill. If we don't, everything you have learned so far will be useless!

If I don't show you this last one, I can guarantee that you'll scatter everything we've built with your own hands - unknowingly!

You ready for the last chapter? I bet!

NEXT UP: Of Course! Going Back To School Is Hard!!