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before you start agonizing over the higher cost you'll pay for not finishing in time, let me give you a priceless piece of advice.

Be Smarter Than The Devil This Time!!

First he will try to convince you that the price is "high" (because of course, your brain will compare what you could have paid with what you are now required to pay, and naturally, no one wants to pay higher fees.)

Next, he will try to convince you that the article is not that important and that you will always find your way elsewhere.

Third, he will show you another advert in your Facebook or instagram newsfeed promising to help you make 6-7 figures in sales, by investing a tiny amount in an online course.

That's the devil speaking to the ancient part of your brain, that controls animal instincts, pain, pleasure and emotions.

Realise this please.....

All The Online Sales Courses In The World Won't Help If Your Mind is Still wrong!!

I wrote this article because I needed to work on your mind first.

Your mindset and expectations is the foundation of your success in this journey of online domination.

It is natural to want to avoid pain, but pain is your friend when your growth is involved.

You can choose to embrace this immediate pain of paying more money to finish reading my article, OR.....

You can allow the devil convince you to avoid it...

I believe you will make the wiser choice.

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