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2 NASTY problems this guide solves for your prospects that other "make money online" Guides don't


When most people are presented with the different and profitable options of online business, the problem they often experience is Decision Paralysis. 

This comes from the "Paradox of Choice" Phenomenon - a situation where having too many good options confuses a person and extremely slows down their ability to decide WHICH TO CHOOSE.

This slows down the process of converting the prospect and therefore slows down the payment of your commission as an affiliate.

Most other "Make Money Online" guides do nothing to solve this problem.

This is the only "Make Money Online" guide that gives users actionable guidance (rooted in the science of human psychology) to select the right online business model.

This helps your prospects to: 

✅Easily and quickly narrow down their choices of online businesses,


✅ Escape Decision Paralysis.

✅Speed up decision making so that you the affiliate can get paid faster.

2. help them pick an online business model that increases their chances of success, without stressing you out!!

I'm pretty sure you aren't trying to make money at the expense of your prospects.

If that's true, then it means you care that they succeed in the online business they pick based on your recommendation.

Thus, anything that can aid them to attain success is your concern, right? Good!

Most other "Make Money online" guides simply suggest different options without any core parameters to use in deciding which online business is suitable for a prospect, beyond just profitability.

This guide currently is the ONLY "Make Money Online" guide that uses the knowledge of personality psychology to provide guidance for suitable business model.

How many times have people bought "Make Money Online" courses only to find out they weren't a perfect fit for the skillsets required?

This guide helps you help your prospect become better informed so they can make intelligent decisions without placing much stress on you - the affiliate!

What's contained in the 30 page guide (for your own future lead or Future customer)

➡️ Discover what the EBC Factor is and how it defines your success in an online business.

➡️ Discover the simple step to find your own EBC and use it to PIN POINT which online business is best suited to your personality/ interests.

➡️ Discover 5 battle tested, time tried, internet business models that can make You $200 -$500 Monthly in the next 90 days!

Everyone of these businesses have stood the test of time, not some "fad of the moment" that YouTube gurus are peddling.

I have included this part because if I don't want you go to Google to search "how to make money online", you will be greeted with a dark world of outright scams, and half truths!

Armed with your knowledge of your EBC, you will know which exact model is suitable for you.

➡️ Determine whether or not you are qualified to start an online business yet based on your current unique situation.

➡️ Discover 2 other powerful resources that can turn you into an effective money printing machine.

➡️ Discover the one silly mistake people make when growing a new online business.

Some sample pages for you to taste (scroll left)

What some affiliates have said about this guide

But Why aM I Selling to just 2,000 Affiliate Marketers?

Think about using this using your knowledge of Demand and Supply, and the psychology of "Perceived Value"

If every affiliate marketer has ownership licence to this guide like they do to every other "Make Money Online" guide out there, do you think you would still have a STRONG Strategic Marketplace Advantage over those affiliates? No!

The reason is simple: Your stuff would no longer be unique, and if you are in a market that has been saturated by "google-able" free reports content, you disappear into the sea of  digital content oblivion!

I would NOT have gotten your attention if I had presented you exactly the same information about short reports as every other person did!

here's all you'll get when you claim ownership  today.

1. your ownership Licence Edition of My Brand New Guide

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➡️ Claim authorship of the content (since you have PLR Rights).  

Giving you that level of rights should definitely be expensive!

➡️ Sell it as a Tripwire/(low Ticket/ High Value) offer to acquire new customers cheaply and keep to keep out freebie seekers from your online business.

(PRO TIP You Didn't Pay For) : Unlike most marketers, I don't give out free lead magnets if i'm dealing with a very aware or sophisticated market. Here are my reasons:

1. Sophisticated markets already have many competitors that are offering free stuff for a subject that is not new or ultra revolutionary.

Most people will simply collect your free content, plan to read it later and forget all about it, then start chasing the next shiny free training that's showing up in their newsfeed!

2.  You have no EXTRA CONTROL to MOTIVATE or PUSH people to consume your free lead magnet.

One way to increase this motivation is to charge them a small fee for your high value content aka Tripwire Offers

2. My E Covers in HD Format

This is useful if you don't wish to go through the stress or cash expense of creating your own book covers (with your own name).

You can simply:

➡️ Change ALL the affiliates links in the guide to yours.

➡️ Declare that you have acquired Resell Rights to the guide, and then....

➡️ Use my tastefully designed E-Covers to sell the guide to your prospects!

Who doesn't like the soft life 😂😎?

3. World class Training On How To Use and Maximise PLR

This training is offered by one of the best and most credible creators of PLR products in the world.

Parts of it will be used by you immediately, parts of it will become useful in the future, if you decide to dive deep of using PLR content for your affiliate bonuses, etc.

4. get your first design with my personal graphics designer at 47% discount

You get the opportunity to work (at 47% discount) with my personal graphics designer who did all the book cover designs for this offer.

This is useful if you need to either make your own book covers or you need to create designs for something else.

Instead of charging you his full fees of N15,000 for book cover mockups, you get to work with him for just N8,000. 

This applies only to your FIRST DESIGN with him.

Here are the things you get:

➡️ You get 2 design variations (so you can choose the one that best represents your vision)

➡️ You get 2 revisions.

➡️ You get a flat (raw) image of the design 

➡️ You get a product mockup of the design (depending on the kind of product it is - online course, book, E-book).

➡️ You get an EDITABLE (SVG) version of the design which you can keep in case you or another designer need to make edits t the designs in the future.

5. steal and model my very own content swipes for this Campaign

Swipes? Every Marketer Loves em!

They make the job of developing promotional content less of a nightmare!

This is especially useful because you may not have the depth of familiarity that the product creator has with their industry.

I have included the exact power contents I'm using to promote these guide to those seeking online business opportunities.

You can model/copy parts of them to create your own unique banger content pieces.

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N25000 N15,800 (Fast Visionary Discount)

Next Price once Expired : N21,000 

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a quick reminder of all you get!

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➡️ 3. World Class Training On How To Use And Maximise PLR

➡️ 4. Get Your First Design With My Personal Graphics Designer At 47% Discount

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N25000 N15,800 (Fast Visionary Discount)

Next Price once Expired : N21,000 

This Fast Visionary Discount Expires in

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N25000 N15,800 (Fast Visionary Discount)

Next Price once Expired : N21,000 

This Fast Visionary Discount Expires in