Are You Tired Of Facebook Ads Bans?

It's Time To Become UNBANNABLE!!

A Special "Closed Doors" Strategy Invitation To Hardworking Entrepreneurs!

From Broda Dapo

Hello my hardworking friend,

If running facebook Ads now feels to you like walking on egg shells.

If the stories or your own experiences of Facebook advertising restrictions has put you in a state of perpetual fear and anxiety...

Relax fam! This is one of the most exciting post you'll read in 2022!

Just don't spend 3 million years reading this, cos it's time sensitive information, unless you have N200,000 to waste for procrastinating!

Let's Accept Some Basic Facts First

➡️ Paid Traffic is STILL THE FASTEST way to find customers and grow your profits:

No matter how much people "mentally masturbate" about organic traffic, about not spending a single dime on ads, the truth is this:

Paid traffic is still the fastest, most predictable, most sustainable, most controllable way to find new customers - you cannot control or predict your results with organic  traffic.

Sure, one of your social media posts may go viral, and bring you a lot of sales, but how many times does that happen for most people CONSISTENTLY, and how many people exactly have the time, creativity and resources to create viral content?

Organic traffic should be treated like icing on the cake, cause that's what it really is.


➡️ Paid Traffic is the ONLY PREDICTABLE way to scale your business revenue:

Assuming you have financial growth goals you wish to hit e.g. bring in 3000 new customers by September 2022, are you going to hit that by using a traffic source that you have no control over?

➡️ Facebook is STILL THE KING of paid traffic (2.9 Billion users):

When compared to other channels of paid traffic generation, Facebook is still the largest, cheapest, most user friendly, and most accessible channel to generate paid traffic!

Even though YouTube ads work great, (and you should definitely add more traffic sources as you go by),  YouTube Cost Per Click is nearly double (if not more) that of Facebook.

Secondly, its barrier of entry (as regards technical know how) is not exactly newbie friendly, plus how many of us like to be interrupted by an ad when watching a YouTube tutorial?

Twitter ads are unbelievably expensive too, even though its user base is just 238 million as per 2022 reports.

All These Facts Means That.....

➡️ No matter what you do, you cannot leave Facebook traffic generation out of your traffic strategies if you want to get the cheapest results and largest number of potential customer base.

Need I remind you that Facebook owns Instagram too? That would be double loss!

➡️ Advertisers who leave the Facebook advertising platform because of its current instabilities will further make price of advertising cheaper for those who stay behind. 

Remember the basic economics of Demand and Supply?

In addition, Facebook knows that advertisers are leaving the platform (and contrary to what you might think), Facebook is not out to witch-hunt you!

They need your advertising money to stay in business. they can't afford to lose all advertisers, so they will do everything to make sure that their platform keeps working. 

Speaking of Facebook's current platform instabilities.......

What Better Way To Describe Depression Than This?👇👇

That's 4 facebook business manager accounts restricted in one month!! 

It just reminds of those traumatic red biros they used to mark our scripts in secondary school!

Facebook's present heavier reliance on AI to review its advertisers has put entire countries of advertisers in panic mode.

It almost seems that no one knows what else they will do that will get them kicked off the platform!

I too was already giving up on facebook's headache (as at the time those restrictions happened) until i saw a post from my colleague Emmanuel Abolo on Facebook.

In his post, Emmanuel explained that he had developed a strategy that allowed his high ticket marketing agency Income Boomers to stop losing precious advertising data and advertising access due to facebook's incessant bans.

Before that discovery, Emmanuel's agency had lost as high as 20 client Business Manager accounts.

Now, anyone who knows Emmanuel knows that he doesn't faff around and doesn't entertain foolishness. I mean, this guy runs a 7 figure marketing agency that only sells to foreign clients.

Naturally, I got interested and we got talking about how he could teach the same strategy to my community.

That's how You ended up seeing this page.

What would you give to have a facebook ad system That's Ban-Proof?

I mean, no more losing your precious Pixels, no more losing your domain access, no more losing your domain events optimisation. No more having to always set up all these afresh?

What would you give to have that kind of power? Did you just say "Anything"?

Well your time has come to discover the hidden "Chess Board" strategy that we are currently sharing with 54 other persons!

How Exactly Will This Training Make You UNBANNABLE on Facebook? 

Just like in the beautiful game of chess where the king must be protected at all cost, this "chess board" strategy (which you'll discover in the training you will attend) uses a network of Facebook accounts to create layers of protection that ensures that your master account (the King) is kept safe and unreachable. 

Each of the account in this network is assigned a SPECIFIC FUNCTION (which you will discover in the upcoming training) and they all add up to the ultimate goal of protecting the "king" account.

The benefits of this strategy are 3:

➡️ 1. your Facebook Pixel and Pixel data remains active AND protected. 

(Your Pixel is where the data about what people are doing on your ads and website is stored), even if you get restricted.

Usually, losing your Pixel and pixel data is the most painful part of being restricted by Facebook. Well, you can now say goodbye to that pain (once you learn this "Chess Board" strategy)

➡️ 2. your website domain is protected and does not get blacklisted.

Imagine the pain of having to buy another website domain and then move your website to the new domain.

➡️ your domain aggregated event and event manager is protected (very important because of iOS 14)

This system works in such a way that even if you get restricted, you can continue running ads and making money!

Did you just scream "impossible?

I agree. Sometimes the best things in life are unbelievable until they get done! Wait until you come for the training and see for yourself!!

Remember how it looked impossible to remove a website domain from a restricted/banned business manager account until someone cracked the code on how to do it? Impossible is only in your mind!

Class Contents

➡️ Part 1 (Theory) - The real hidden reasons why Facebook is banning advertisers:

Here, you'll learn several of the "Red Flag" practices that advertisers commit and that you won't find in the Facebook Advertising Policies.

Some of these things are even practices that were normal in the past but that facebook now frowns terribly on. This would explain why you feel that "but I'm doing everything right, and they are still banning me. Why!"

➡️ Part 2 (Do as I do) Workshop - The "Chess Board" Strategy Explained and Setup session:

This is where you learn the setup philosophy and the role of each account in your "Anti-Ban" network of accounts and how to connect them to each other.

Plus You Also Get for FREE This Special Bonus (That Sells For N15,800) Currently.

I don't want this page to become long, so I'll just leave a button below fo you to see all the value you'll getting in the free bonus if you sign on to this training.

We Have A Minimum Requirement Though...

As usual, we require a minimum of 50 persons who are ready and ABLE to pay (when we finally open the order page later this week), else the training will not hold, and everyone's individual suffering with Facebook Ads bans can continue....

As far as we are concerned, any number less than 50 is the cut off mark for mediocrity! We had 54 persons in the first (ongoing) edition.

You can see the excitement of some members on the group after our first class.

How Much Will It Cost You To Get a Slot?

Initially, we considered between 20,000 Naira (for beginner and intermediate advertisers) to 100,000 Naira (for high level advertisers e.g. Ecommerce big boys) per person.

Going by how much money people lose daily to Facebook Ad bans, this would still have been a small price to pay for salvation (in Thanos Voice)......HOWEVER....I convinced Emmanuel that we should not charge even 20,000 Naira just yet.

What will happen instead is that..........

The First 50 Persons To Declare Interest AND Ability To Pay will Pay Just 11,550 Naira!

After the first 50 payments, the price would then increase from 11,550 Naira  to 16,850 Naira

I urge you to keep your money under lock and key ALREADY!! You will be racing against 49 others to be in that first 50 when we open that order page!!

We have decided to use a WAITLIST/SEAT RESERVATION approach to make it easy for everyone to get the fees together (instead of asking you for immediate FULL payment).

Date, Time, Payment Protocol?

➡️ The date of this training is Tuesday 4th, October. Time is 7:30 PM.

➡️ Streaming platform will be zoom.

➡️The Replay will be available for 2 weeks and then taken down. 

➡️ Number of ready to pay/cash at hand students will be counted on Friday 30th!

➡️ Payment portal will open immediately on Saturday, October 1st and closes promptly by Sunday 2nd, 6:00 PM.

➡️ Price will move up from N11,550 to N16,850 after the first 50 people pay.

➡️ Emmanuel comes in on Tuesday to begin his session at 7:30 PM.

Some FAQ's To Answer Pending Questions

Apart from payment, what other things are needed?

You will need:


1. A laptop.

2.  3 Facebook accounts/profiles that have no advertising issues at all and are about 2 years old.

You can either get the extra profiles from your friends, family or exes that you fought (just kidding!) - this is the cheapest option OR you can buy old Facebook accounts from vendors - I can recommend someone for you to buy from.

3. 3 different browsers installed on your laptop - each one will be used to login to each Facebook profile you got so you can build the system UNBANNABLE AD Accounts network.

Should I already be knowledgeable about Facebook Ads to benefit from this training?

Ideally, Yes! If not however, You are at expected to already know the following:

➡️ how to create business manager accounts.

➡️ How to create Ad accounts under a Business Manager account

➡️ How to create a Facebook Business Page under a Business Manager account.

➡️ How To create Facebook Pixels

➡️ how to move around the different sections of the Business Manager interfaces.

If you don't already know these things, you'll already visit YouTube and search for videos to help you with these.

Will You Teach Us How To Run Profitable Ads?

No! That's beyond the scope of this training. If you need recommendations on solid facebook Ads training, send me a DM and have at least N55,000 to invest in your education

Are You Really Serious About Closing payments At The Stated Time?

Lol! Yes! or do you wanna taste and see that the Lord is good disciplined?

Will this training teach us how to recover an Already banned Account?

No! You should already know how to appeal a restricted account if you have gone through proper Facebook Ads education. If your appeal was rejected, you just have to forget about that accoount, but remember, you have new hope already waiting in this training.

What Happens If You Don't Attend This Training?

Your advertising life on Facebook will become more miserable, because:

➡️the Facebook AI is still in the developmental/learning stages so it will keep calling A LOT of false positives (because it uses machine learning).

That means more restrictions, and more waste of precious time while you are waiting for your appeal to go through. 

If you are unlucky to have your appeal rejected, all your Pixel data is gone for good and all your waiting in vain!! Close your eyes and imagine that for 5 seconds.

➡️Facebook's nipples is pretty sensitive because of the many sanctions it's facing from governments around the world.

They would rather lose an advertiser (especially if you re new or aren't spending multiple millions)  than risk losing their users?

If your advertising account is not at least more than 2 years without any issues with Facebook, you are walking on egg shells. You should attend this training.

➡️ When you do eventually realise the value of this training, you may be paying as high as N200,000 for one on one coaching, because we may have stopped promoting it by then!!

Since there is no way to gather people to split the bills on such short notice, you will bear ALL the financial weight!

A stitch in time saves nine as they say!

Sounds Good, Right? One More Thing

In the first batch, we allowed people join the Waitlist for free and we regretted it!

343 people declared paying interest but when the time came to pay, only 54 people paid. The rest went mute on us as if we were in a "silence" competition.

Of course, some later gave us "stories that toush" of why they couldn't afford the peanut fee we were charging.

So we resolved that from henceforth, EVERYONE who wishes to participate in this training will pay a deposit fee of N1,050 out of the full fees in order to reserve a seat.

Please note this commitment/deposit fee is only refundable IF the training did not hold. If you don't complete your payment, this deposit is forfeited.

Please faithfully follow all the steps you'll be led through- don't grumble. Diamond miners don't complain about the depth of Diamond.

Let the others get carried away like dust before the wind, but you? Be the good seed that fell on good soil so that this can yield a bountiful harvest for you.

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