A Special Live Class For Devoted WhatsApp Marketers

WhatsApp Marketing REMIX 2024

10 WhatsApp Marketing Tactics You Need To Do DIFFERENTLY this Year so you don't get stuck when it's time to scale your Marketing, Audience and business!!

The ONE GOAL Of This Live Class

To compel you to adopt future conscious WhatsApp audience building strategies NOW so your business does not get stuck at a certain income level when it's time for you to scale your income BEYOND selling on WhatsApp OR destroyed if WhatsApp unfairly shuts down your account!!

Prepping For Future Growth: The "BIG FAT WHY" You Must Attend This Live Class:

Most people using WhatsApp for marketing do not know this one fact about the WhatsApp platform:

WhatsApp as an application is very difficult to use for LARGE SCALE AUDIENCE and business building.

Most of us small (digital and physical) business owners get enticed by the convenience and user friendliness of the WhatsApp app that we become totally unaware of the bigger problems that await us when our business and customer base start to grow really BIG, and we want to start exploring other scalable marketing channels to increase our visibility and income!

When many people eventually realise this fact, it's a little too late because many people built their WhatsApp audience using popular, convenient but faulty tactics that work well in the short term but then imprison the business owner when it's time to scale up their audience size, visibility and income!!

I was a victim of this phenomenon. i realised that the 11,000+ WhatsApp audience database that i had spent over 3 years acquiring was of no use to me outside of WhatsApp marketing. 

There and then, I made the decision that NO ONE else would have to experience the unimaginable pain and disappointment I went through when i realised that I had been building my business on WhatsApp in a way that would make it hard for me to scale my revenue beyond and outside  of WhatsApp.

The goal of this live class is therefore simple:

To help you ensure that you are laying a CORRECT, Sustainable and SCALABLE foundation with your WhatsApp marketing and audience building so that you do not get stuck to a small number when it's time to grow your audience, visibility and revenue massively especially

What We'll Cover In This 2 Hour Intensive Live Class

➡️ NEW HOT TOPIC ALERT: 3 defensive strategies to help you recover your WhatsApp customers and followers if WhatsApp permanently bans your account.

➡️ My $11,000 loss story: How using the common WhatsApp audience building tactics the gurus teach cost me a potential $11,000 in monthly revenue, 2 years after, when it was time to scale my business income!!

➡️ The 1 reason you should NEVER use the WhatsApp autoresponder apps/ bots to save your leads' numbers to your contact list, as many young WhatsApp marketers have been taught to do.

➡️ Why you should stop using Wamation forms, Google forms and Cognitoforms as your PRIMARY lead forms for collecting leads and customer data.

➡️ The limitations of WhatsApp as a platform and why you need to prepare for the future of your business growth FROM NOW BEFORE it's time to scale your audience growth and marketing.

➡️ Back From The Future: The most important audience list you must build FIRST before your WhatsApp list IRRESPECTIVE of your opinion or skill level with it.

➡️ Different strategies/ setups to encourage your leads to join both your email list and WhatsApp list without squeezing their face like sour beans.

➡️ The 2 cheapest and newest Email marketing services you could use for list building without digging a hole in your pocket.

➡️ The futuristic reason you should NEVER use automated generic name tags e.g. Contact 1, Lead 13, to save people's names ON WhatsApp.

➡️ The secret problem with using only WhatsApp broadcast lists and WhatsApp Status to keep in touch with your audience and what you can do to solve the problem.

➡️ Why using WhatsApp labels ALONE to categorise/ segment your leads and customers is a short term solution to a future problem, and what you should do in addition to using labels.

➡️ Why should do more than just saving the contact of someone who messages you on WhatsApp.

➡️ The strange way in which I use WhatsApp groups that ensures I'm as closest and most visible to my audience and still maintain engaged community.

Bonus Content

➡️ Why you need to stop allowing manual Bank to bank transfer payments for your product, the consequences if you don't stop and how to encourage your buyers pivot to online payment options.

➡️ Why you should stop using downloadable lead magnets e.g. eBooks (no matter how short) to build your WhatsApp or Email list.

➡️ My 3 secret strategies for getting "higher than regular" WhatsApp status views than most people do.

➡️ The 3 phone brands WhatsApp marketers should avoid like leprosy!!

Special Guest Appearance From The King Of WhatsApp Audience Growth and Organic Traffic Generation

We favouritely call him Coach Kenny.

He has built an organic WhatsApp followership that now totals 47,000 contacts!

He has generated over $120,000 in sales of digital products over the last 2 years. Convert that to your local currency!!

He has helped over 100 students hit millionaire status online via his signature coaching program Zero To Hero Affiliate.

Kenny will be sharing some of his most valuable audience building insights at the live class.

Wanna Attend This Live Class? Here are things to know

➡️ Live Class is slated for Sunday, January 21st at 8:00 PM.

➡️ Links will be shared privately (online venue will be announced later). REPLAY will also be made available

 ➡️ Pre-order has begun and is only open to 50 persons

➡️ Pre-order phase 1 at N10,000 expired on Sunday 14th, January.

➡️ Pre-order phase 2 is now LIVE at just N12,600 and is valid for only 50 persons OR till saturday. 20th, January at 11:59 PM (whichever happens first)

➡️ I have entered into strategic partnerships with some people to bring this live class to a wider audience. You are seeing this page courtesy of one of them.

➡️ If you would like to attend the live class, please request the pre-order payment link from the partner who showed this page to you.

N25,000 N12,600 ONLY (Pre-Order Price)

Next Coming Price : N15,700

Please request the pre-order payment link from the person that showed you this page.

Meet Your Host (Such A Cutie)

Broda Dapo as he is popularly called is an online business owner in the affiliate marketing and freelance industries.

Broda has earned over multiple 7 figures (in Naira) from selling online selling his own and other people’s knowledge products and his own skills as services over the internet.

Broda Dapo has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in online entrepreneurship including

➡️ Nelly Agbogu (Naijabrandchick) who organises one of the biggest trade fairs in Nigeria.

➡️ Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze (Accounting Hub - Nigeria's biggest small business accounting training provider).

➡️ Emeka Nobis (Nigeria's foremost authority on Book Marketing and the creator of The Your Book Will Sell Academy)

➡️ Kenny Nwokoye (Top 1% Super Affiliate in Nigeria, Founder of Zero To Hero Affiliate).

➡️ Kenneth Nwakanma (Nigeria's No. 1 Clickbank Affiliate)

Broda Dapo is also very passionate about capacity and skill development for people who want to increase financial confidence.

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