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Broda Dapo (February, 2022)

Hi Dear friend.

I'll make this conversation short, sharp and sweet. You'll be done reading this in 6 minutes. if you procrastinate, then this page will disappear in 2 hours time.

Here's a quick question for you.

Can You Tell Me Why This Gorgeous Flyer Will Struggle To Sell?

There are at least 3 reasons this flyer WILL NOT produce A LOT OF SALES (Keyword: A LOT OF SALES):

1. This flyer is the only promotional material that tries to explain the offer, and it does a very incomplete job at that. I'll explain in detail in my full training you are coming for.

2. There is a bank account detail on it which means the advertiser (my friend) is expecting everyone who is interested to pay immediately. That's like expecting a fine babe you just met at the bar to say "yes, I'll marry you"  to you. Sounds crazy, right?

3. There is a price on the flyer.

The last point won't be much of an issue if this was a Facebook or Instagram Ads situation, but WhatsApp TV adverts are a different beast altogether. If you don't play by the rules, your either get no sale or you get low sales.

Who The Hell Am I To Tell You What To Do?!!!

Good question!!

I'm the creator of the highly respected 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Systems which has trained 71 professionals from different fields in the fundamentals of successful online selling. I'm also the creator of the Succeed With WhatsApp course which has trained 495 persons on how to turn their WhatsApp into a profit generating machine.

Here are some of my financial results from selling my own products and other people's products using WhatsApp what others have said about me on Facebook and some of the big names i have shared stages with or worked with.

I have included everything in one slideshow to save your precious time. Just scroll left to feed your eyes as much as it can take.

Secondly, I get Paid to Review WhatsApp TV Ads or To Post Ads on My WhatsApp Status Too

I often get requests to post ads on my WhatsApp status, many of which I often reject (because I'm one of the few guys who cares about you (in addition to your money!)

Here are some ad flyers I have bent sent to critique and post on my status👇👇.

Now That You Are Ready To Get More Sales From Your WhatsApp TV Ads, Here's Your Passport!!

What You'll Discover In This 1 Hour Audio Training 

➡️ The 5 conditions that makes sales happen.
This overview presents you with a quick, straightforward way to diagnose a badly performing advert.

➡️ The 2 Major Weakness of WhatsApp TV Ads and How To Overcome Them.

WhatsApp TV' ads are slightly different from Facebook ads, so you need to approach them differently by understanding their unique weaknesses.

➡️ 11 Silly Mistakes People Make When Running WhatsApp TV Ads, That Makes Them Lose Money - and What You Should Do Instead!!

These mistakes are broadly grouped under 4 categories - Offer presentation mistakes, Audience mistakes, Communication mistakes, Strategy mistakes.

➡️ The Right Way To Structure Your Advert so your advert can produce better sales results.

Just a little error in the way your advertising flow is structured can spoil everything. More importantly,, your structure or flow is dependent on what you need to achieve the most!!

➡️ A Sneaky Dark Secret Most People Don't know about some WhatsApp TV's - That ALWAYS Results In Zero Sales!!

When I discovered this secret, it changed the kind of questions i asked WhatsApp TV owners before i advertised with them. 

➡️ My Top Recommended WhatsApp TV Service For Digital products Sellers, and Physical Products Sellers.

All WhatsApp TV's are not created equal. Some will give you more results than the other.

➡️ A Few Words of Advice For Only The Wise Ones.

Here I offer some blunt truth about succeeding in marketing or sales. Not everyone like to hear them, because many of us like to cut corners when it comes to getting results, but I'd say them anyways, at least so i can tell you "I Warned you, didn't I?"



🎁 A Recorded Review of two WhatsApp TV Ads.

Who doesn't love real life  application of the things they've learned?

In this session, I reviewed 2 ads flyers that were submitted to me to post on my WhatsApp Status.

This will speed up your ability to apply what you are learning in real time!


🎁 A Bonus Audio Training - "A Brilliant Strategy You Can Use To Make More Sales In a Short Period Of Time When Selling High Priced products".

Selling higher priced products can be tricky with WhatsApp TV's. In this audio training, i share a cool strategy that you can use to extract more money from people while applying less pressure on them.


Before You Run That WhatsApp TV Audio Couse + (Bonuses)


Dyu Feel This Training is Expensive?

Hmmm.....  I get how you feel, but then, have you really thought about the cost of not taking action?

Have you thought of how costly losing money in 3 WhatsApp influencer adverts back to back feels like? 

Have you calculated  how expensive ignorance is compared to knowledge?

Naturally, we are wired to think of the immediate cost of action, but too often, we forget to calculate the future cost of not taking action.

Unfortunately, the ability to see the future and prepare ahead for it, is one super power that rich people have over everyday people.

I believe that's the kind of mental attitude and habit you should copy, don't you think?

Alright, since you now agree with me, click the button below to claim your packages. See you inside